UNC store selling shirts commemorating Duke’s loss to Lehigh (Picture)

It was certainly shocking when 15th-seeded Lehigh knocked off No. 2 seed Duke in the round of 64 on Friday night, but should a UNC store be bragging about it? Obviously Tarheel fans hate the Blue Devils and are thrilled they fell flat on their faces, but it seems like a bit of a stretch to be selling shirts that commemorate Lehigh’s win over Duke. If UNC gets knocked out in the next round, Duke’s loss probably won’t be as funny. Anything to make a buck and anything to highlight a lowlight for the Blue Devils, I suppose.

Thanks to Darren Rovell for the picture

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  • Anonymous

    Instant Karma  – UNC fans’ anti-Duke rage and disrespect generates tidal wave that breaks Kendall Marshall’s wrist in the Tarhole’s next game.
    Brothers may fight like mortal enemies against each other, but stand together against outsiders. Fail in this and bring disaster down on yourselves.
    Our synpathies to KM & the seniors, especially, on the team. UNC  fans – NOT SO MUCH!

  • Anonymous

    Some people just have no class.  You can buy books, send them to school but that No class mentalty will  surface.