Video: Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lamb Have Uncomfortable CBS Interview

Viewers watching the Kentucky-North Carolina game on Sunday hoping to hear a good breakdown from the analysts at halftime came away disappointed. Actually, they probably had their senses assaulted by the uncomfortable three-minute interview CBS conducted with UConn stars Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lamb. Check it out if you didn’t already see it via Bubbaprog:

Walker’s a junior so he’s had three years of media experience, but Lamb made it painfully obvious he’s only a freshman and new to interviews on national TV. CBS should have known better than to put an inexperienced player on TV for a sit-down like that because not even Charles Barkley fudging his questions could lighten the mood. Next time CBS should ask for the coach and a media-savvy player for an interview. Then again, they’re kind of in a tough spot because only people in Massachusetts and Connecticut can understand whatever dialect of English Jim Calhoun speaks.

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  • Anonymous

    People from CT worship Calhoun, but I’m not so sure they can understand him either. Us Mass people are the only ones who can pick up over 80% of what he says.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    If people in Mass can only understand 80% of his words then we’re all in real trouble

  • Anonymous

    um um fifty um’s. every interview the um’s took over! very sad um. um, get someone too help these kids….