Enough Whining Over UCLA Non-Calls

That seems to be the theme around college hoops lately — UCLA and all the great calls they’ve received from officials. Sure, I admitted they benefited against Stanford and Cal down the stretch, but people are now bringing up the Texas A&M game as well. First it was a co-worker saying there was a non-call, then an email, and then a few different stories and message boards suggesting as much. Let me say a few things on the subject. Sure — the photos indicate there was a foul on the last play when Shipp blocked Donald Sloan’s shot, but Sloan would have needed to make two free throws just to tie the game — no easy proposition for a 67% shooter. Not only that, but the game would have gone to OT where A&M was already in serious foul trouble — and the longer that game was going, the more UCLA would have increased the point differential.

Those are simple logistics. But how about this to try on for size. If you want to point out one non-call, then you must also point out every other non-call that impacted the game. Just because they weren’t in the final 10 seconds doesn’t mean they didn’t influence the game, right? Check out this horrendous foul call on Darren Collison when he was mauled by Sloan. In addition to that, chew on a few of these photos from the game (in addition to the non-call on Love in the photo above) — more non-calls that suggest A&M got away with several calls in the game:

Karma, anyone? That should put the complaints to rest. Thanks to Gutty Little Bruins for the video and photos.

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  • http://obscuresportsquarterly.wordpress.com Gilbert

    Larry, you’re right. You can’t say a team won on one bad call without looking at all the other bad calls in the game.

  • JD

    Larry, it’s one thing to miss calls in the middle of the game–it happens all the time on both sides. But to not call something this obvious with game-changing implications is just stupid in my opinion. Put A&M at the line with two free-throws to try and tie up the game. If they make them, give UCLA 5 seconds to try something–worse case scenario, the game goes to overtime and the better team has a chance to pull it out. Isn’t this what March Madness is supposed to be all about??

  • You Are Glib

    Dear UCLA Lovers, On the basket to tie the game here is the that great UCLA defense at work. During the course of the game many calls missed. At the end game, refs can’t miss something so obvious and so critical…


  • You Are Glib

    BTW on that “horrendous foul call on Darren Collison”, Collison was holding and restricting the offensive player with right arm, prior to the player moving Collison out of the way. The official called the first foul, not the A&M players physical reaction to the foul.

  • http://guttylittlebruins.com blackjack

    Dude. “obvious?” Um…look at that last photo.

    “Game changing implications?” It was a 51-49 final, a one basket game. Therefore, EVERY non call had game changing implications.

    Your argument doesn’t make much sense.

  • Trey

    Wow Larry, you are brilliant, maybe that’s why you’re still with Isaiah…O’ waite.

    The Collison foul was a joke, it was an offensive foul before that shot, but pick and choose as you will.

    Please provide photos of love’s 7 blocks and let’s see how many are clean..again, you won’t.

    moving screen, 3 out of bounds play not called, Sloan’s foul, Jones being fouled and NOT getting 2 free throws etc…

    Please get fired from this as well, you don’t seem to be very good at it.

  • Keith


    You’re a complete moron if you believe that the non-call is a moot point, as you try to justify with your scenario of how things would have played out anyways. The bottom line is that A&M should have been given the chance to shoot the FT’s and determine how the game would have played out. I can’t believe you would write something as stupid as you did.

  • bill

    Did you hear Doug Gottlieb’s piece on ESPN sportscenter on the game?
    He said the refs put their whistles in their pockets for the last 5
    posessions of the game on both ends of the court. He mentioned a carry
    by collison before a basket, a moving screen on love before a basket
    and the mugging of sloan at the end of the game, none of which the
    officials saw fit to call.

    I’m sure A&M had some calls go their way, it happens in all games but
    you hope they are roughly even. These refs managed to give the ball
    back to ucla 3 times after they touched it last going out. In the last
    10 minutes! They changed a call from loose ball to offensive foul and
    denied A&M 2 free throws. They ignored love mugging people on nearly
    half his 7 “blocked” shots.

    You don’t think that blatant of incompetency can affect the tone of the
    game? A couple of fouls on love and he wouldn’t have been able to
    crash down on people the way he was. A&M was taking the ball into the
    paint where they had scored all game but changing the way the game was
    called in the last 10 minutes took that way from them. This was 8 on 5
    for the last part of the second half, and you call it whining??

    Don’t try to feed people crap and call it caviar, because they are
    going to throw it back at you.

  • Isiah

    Get a clue. When the last call of the game is a non-call that should have been, it is more relevant than all the other non-calls. You can’t just say it all evens out or try to use Karma as an excuse. I’d hope you of all people would know better, but maybe that’s why you got canned.

  • Woochifer

    Same thing applies in particular to that Stanford game that started this whole discussion in the first place. For everybody focusing on the Darren Collison-Lawrence Hill play at the end of the Stanford game, they also all seem to ignore the blatant non-call on Lawrence Hill only a few second earlier when he clearly had a charge in the lane. Not to mention countless other non-calls throughout the game when Brook Lopez was mugging everybody around the basket.

    I agree, if you’re going to call out the officiating, you gotta take the game as a whole and not presume that one non-call “decided” the game. On the whole, the officiating in that game was lousy, and there were plenty of non-calls that benefited A&M as well. That’s just par for the course in a physical game. I’m just glad that the refs didn’t start whistling after every little bump, and fouling out both starting lineups.

    And Gottlieb?! Please, the guy has had an axe to grind with UCLA ever since he was a prep star in SoCal and didn’t get recruited by the Bruins. Crap for caviar? Sounds to me like someone’s viewing that game through some rather thick maroon-colored lenses …

  • bill

    Woo, the espn sportschiks tried that same thing with Gottlieb but sat there with open mouths when the latimes pics went up. So ucla didn’t recruit Jay Bilas, Pat Ford and Dennis Dodd, too? Cause they all came out with negative comments on the officiating in the game as well.

    Sounds like you may like the taste of “caviar”!

  • Adam


    How do you still have a job?

  • Wes

    During the beginning of the 2nd half there were a litany of calls that should have gone against A&M as well as some travelling calls on Mbah A Moute where he never moved his pivot foot. During the latter part of the 2nd half the tide had turned. A&M provided a tough challenge but overall UCLA was the better team with great 2nd half adjustments. It is what it is….

    As big of a ucla fan as I am, we can’t play this way against Kansas or NC or we’ll get blown out.

  • Skippy

    I was at the game and watched the refs call ticky tac after ticky tac foul on UCLA completely destroying their momentum in the middle of the second half. The Bruins toughed out the bad refs and the hacker thugs of TAMU and still won the game on grit and determination. The TV viewers have the advantage of multiple camera angles but in person viewers can feel the game shift energy and momentum because there are no interfering commercials, etc.

  • Woochifer

    Bill –

    You were the one who singled out Gottlieb as some voice of reason in this whole discussion, and I’m pointing out that he’s had it out for UCLA since his high school daze.

    One call does not decide the whole game, otherwise why not just start the game with 10 seconds on the clock, and flip a coin to see who starts with a two-point lead? A whole slew of other calls could have gone against A&M, but didn’t. Calling it 8 on 5 is ridiculous, given the amount of contact that was allowed around the UCLA basket throughout the game.

    And even if things were as one-sided as you claim, TAMU could have done any number of things to help their cause — y’know, like score more points when they had the game in their hands, don’t cough up a double-digit lead, don’t shoot 42% from the foul line, don’t go for a 10 minute stretch with only one basket, try defending Collison rather than letting him blow by the defense using the same play on two consecutive possessions, etc. If they had done any of those things, they would not have needed a bailout from the refs that never came.

  • dan

    It may just be me, but I think karma payback will get UCLA later in the tournament and just wait for Larry and other UCLA whiners to complain about a call or non-call against the Bruins. They are living on borrowed time

  • b70

    With EVERYBODY getting hysterical about the block…..everyone has forgotten to watch the video. Couple of things,,,,if Shipp has his hand on the shooter’s forearm, then why does the ball fly back 4’? Anyone here know what happens when a shooter gets his arm blocked? Also if you take the image of Shipp’s hand SUPPOSEDLY slapping down on the shooter’s forearm, and from that position watch the vid, you will see that Shipp flicks SIDEWAYS at the ball from the positioning of the still photo.

    There is nothing gained from looking at a STILL SHOT. The tammy bench who also had a side-view of the shot was not was not up in arms, nor was the shooter. In fact, post game, the shooter was absolutely tepid about how the play unfolded.

  • http://www.epiccarnival.com WCT

    Now you know how Ohio State fans feel. We have been hearing whining about officiating since 2003.

    Officiating, be it good or bad, is part of the game. Those who blame the officiating for their losses are losers who refuse to look at their own shortcomings.

  • bill


    You are too dumb to post, may God have mercy on your soul because there isn’t enough brain in your cranium to be considered.

    Its been fun guys but y’all are into complete denial and I’ve already wasted more time here than I should so I’ll leave it to you. Enjoy your rainbow colored world while you can cause it sure isn’t reality.

  • bill

    Well I guess the comment about Mr. Brown and the research department aka gutty little bruins being bastions of nuetrality was verboten. Y’all hand it out real well but are lacking in the receiving department.

  • bill

    here you go woo, bag on Gottlieb some more

    Gotleib and Glockner in ESPN podcenter discussing the no-call.

    I took the time to type out exactly what was said so you don’t have to search for it. For those of you that read Texags, but are actually to lazy to read, in summation, Gotlieb has a response to all the Aggie fans wondering why we are thanking him via email for mentioning the travesty that happened to Aggie fans on television. Instead he thinks we should be pissed off! I have had this same response to all of the posters who have responded the last couple of days saying let it go, who cares, etc. You all know who you are. Thusly, this will immediately become my new signature on all threads written for now on.

    “Thank you?! You lost, you should be pissed off!” — Doug Gottlieb

    ****Transcript of Glockner and Gottlieb 3/24****

    Andy Glockner: “You are not afraid to give your opinion on matters like this…breaking news real quick they have identified the suspect in the mugging of Donald Sloan, it was Josh Shipp, they found the fingerprints on his forearm and tracked it back to the UCLA wing, I am anxious to see what your thoughts are on the “game saving block.”

    Doug Gottlieb: “Well also, also you look at the two photos in the LA times, the other one was Collison on his Donald Sloan’s right elbow”

    Andy Glockner: “That was the snake bite there, yeah, absolutely, it was a little hard to get the shot off.”

    (Yeah yeah)

    Doug Gottlieb: “I dont think there was a conspiracy to have UCLA move on, you look at the second to last basket Darrin Collison made, I mean it was a blatant carry/travel, whatever you want to call it and what’s laughable about this is and this is what carries more than anything…”


    Andy Glockner: “You missed the 20 foot moving screen by Kevin Love to clear out the lane.”

    (laughing laughing)

    Doug Gottlieb: “alright fine, well uh you know it was they tell us every year that we are going to call carries in the beginning of the year and we are going to call them late in the year. Really?! Don’t waste my time in November, December or even in January, calling a violation that you are not going to call with a game on the line! In addition to which, umm if these guys move on, that officiating crew moves on, I would be very upset. The David Hall thing uh with the know uh Shaw with back to back T’s I mean that’s just really losing control when you’re an official….my big thing is, I don’t mind you swallowing your whistle when you’re an official and letting players decide the game, but when they decide it’s a foul, it’s a pretty obvious foul, it’s time to call it. I feel bad for Texas A&M, especially for Sloan, you know he lost his mom during the Big 12 tournament, terrible story, he’s a great kid, they played their hearts out, maybe if they were a little more efficient at offense in the second half on the offensive end, maybe they would not be in that situation, but still it was a clearly missed call.”

    Andy Glockner: “You do have to say that they had ample chances to put that game away, uh so uh one call you know at the end of the game obviously impacted the end result, but there were some opportunities for Texas A&M to do some damage before that and not leave it in the hands of the official, but you know from the basketball trained eye, you were watching that game too, I saw that play, I thought it looked a little weird when it happened live speed, it just looked odd the way the ball came out, you know the contact and how he recoiled backwards and then you see the replay where you see the still photos which are completely damning.”

    (laughing laughing)

    Andy Glockner: “I mean Josh Shipp’s arm is wrapped around Sloan’s forearm, it’s just utterly unbelievable, i mean it was just utterly ridiculous”

    Doug Gottlieb: “Is that against the rules? I mean I’m sorry.”

    Andy Glockner: “The forearm is part of the ball right?”

    (laughing laughing)

    Doug Gottlieb: “Apparently, apparently, it was a bad call, by the way, how the hell did all these Texas A&M fans get my email address? I didn’t say it because I wanted you to like me, I said it on tv”

    (laughing laughing)

    (Doug Gottlieb, continuing): “I said it because it was the truth, but somehow I’m getting all these thank you emails, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, I mean you lost, you should be pissed off”

    (Andy Glockner): “Yeah you know honestly I feel a little bad because UCLA’s run if they do go on to the title has a little bit of taint to it now, you know what I’m saying, you never want to have a game end with a controversy like this that frankly should be a bigger controversy, I’m suprised more hasn’t been made of this, but you know it’s an officiating call, that’s the way games go sometimes, but you’d like to see a team, a national title contender, you know take care of business itself and not have anybody think that they are being handed things. I agree with you that there is certainly no UCLA conspiracy organized here, but they certainly have been very fortunate down the stretch in several late games.”

    (Doug Gottlieb): “No question about it.”

  • Stu

    This whole conversation about UCLA getting favorable calls is such bs.

    First of all, when UCLA beat Stanford, the foul call was because Hill hit Collison on the body. The shot was completely blocked, but Hill jumped into Collison and that is why the call was made. Before Collison’s shot even occured, Hill made a layup that was a definite charging call, but no call was made. I also would like to point out how this game went into OVERTIME, where both teams had a chance to win, and UCLA thoroughly dominated the Cardinal.

    As for the Texas A&M game, there were many calls, and no-calls, that went against UCLA in the first and second half. The loose ball foul on Mbah a Moute that occured while Westbrook had already secured the ball after diving to the floor was a joke, but I’m sure that goes unnoticed by the UCLA haters here. The defensive foul on Collison was also a terrible call, and You Are Glib’s interpretation on it sure makes me think that he is on crack:

    “BTW on that “horrendous foul call on Darren Collison”, Collison was holding and restricting the offensive player with right arm, prior to the player moving Collison out of the way. The official called the first foul, not the A&M players physical reaction to the foul.”

    Yeah, you’re definitely on crack if you actually believe that. The announcers themselves said it was a blown call, but obviously you do not agree. I’m sure you do agree with the announcers interpretation of Hill’s foul on Collison though…

    I’m sure the many UCLA haters and their conspiracy theories will try to discuss Love’s 7 blocks and nickle and dime them for all they’re worth, but nearly every time Love is in the paint on the offensive side of the ball he receives a considerable amount of contact that isn’t called.

    I love how JD, You Are Glib, Trey, Keith, Bill, Isaiah and company all point to things which make UCLA look like they are paying off the refs, yet you guys also all ignore all the other terrible calls not made for UCLA simply because they didn’t happen on the last play of the game. You guys can play the “What If” game all you want, but I’m sure whatever scenarios you come up with will just make UCLA’s opponent seem like the victim. You can all talk about karma, say one day the refs will screw UCLA, but your arguments are just plain stupid to begin with because you all have selective memory.

    Larry, thanks for offering a new perspective on this issue. The UCLA haters obviously cannot handle it, which is why they are attacking you. Keep up the good work.

    p.s.- And bill, did you really post this:

    “B70, You are too dumb to post, may God have mercy on your soul because there isn’t enough brain in your cranium to be considered.

    Its been fun guys but y’all are into complete denial and I’ve already wasted more time here than I should so I’ll leave it to you. Enjoy your rainbow colored world while you can cause it sure isn’t reality.”

    That was truly idiotic, because you’re trying to be witty, yet you just sound so stupid. I’ll be sure to enjoy that “rainbow colored world,” whatever that means, but I do shudder when I think about your world that revolves around the God of Gottlieb. Thanks for your insight on this issue, and the cut and paste of Gottlieb was incredibly enlightening…I’ll be sure to reference what Gottlieb thinks on every issue from now on, since he is the end-all-be-all of your world.

  • Jamey

    Are you nuts? Maybe this is why you’re not working anymore!

  • JTAg

    Wow, Larry, doesn’t look like I need to say anything… you got owned already my friend. Just walk away.

  • http://bruinville.com BobTheBruin

    I have posted some frame by frame shots and videos of the play here here.

    Watch them and let me know if you still think a foul should have been called.

  • http://www.texags.com AggieHavoc


    Yes, I would call that in a heart beat. It’s clear as day!


    It shocks me that YOU, of all people, are calling out others for whining. You have always been one of the biggest whiners in the NBA. I quite thoroughly enjoyed watching school you in the Finals a few years back.

  • http://www.texags.com AggieHavoc

    That should say, “I quite thoroughly enjoyed watching Pop school you in the Finals a few years back.”

  • JTAg

    BobtheBruin, seriously dude, even in your own pics it shows the mugging of Sloan when trying to shoot. Just man up and admit it. You guys got away with one. It wasn’t a clean block. The nation knows it — even the nimrods at ESPN get it. Sloan should have gotten to at least try to tie it up at the line, but only Bruin fans don’t see it that way. That’s because your Bruins team as well as your fans are used to having the Refs bail them out (phantom call against Stanford ring a bell?). A commentator recently said, it’s sad about the no call b/c even if UCLA wins it all, it will be tainted. That said, NOW you can lay it to rest.

  • http://UCLAradio.com The Driver

    Proof Aggie fans are insane….THIS ISNT LARRY BROWN THE COACH. If you read anything else on the website you would know that. Plus, does old man larry brown really look like the guy who would have a sports blog, much less even know how to use a computer? As for Bob’s pics, those are frame by frame stills taken from CBS telecast. Each frame represents roughly 1/32 of a second and only 3 frames show Shipp’s and in contact with Sloan. Thats about 3/32 of second. That doesnt represent a mugging and would be impossible for the human eye to see and call a foul. Finally, TAMU’s players and coaches did not protest the call immediately after the game ended. That is a clear indication that they did not believe it was a foul. Coach Turgeon only mentioned it after seeing the still pictures which, when take OUT of context, show a foul but like the frame by frame account linked above, when take by themselves do not show the complete story

  • Colin Killian

    You missed one small detail in your “analysis”: In two of the three photos you show, a fouL WAS CALLED on the A&M player.

  • 08LA

    you know, its one of those funny things in life. as a ucla student (recognize the bias accordingly) its hard to watch these replays and keep hearing people trash our basketball program bc of these non-calls. it really is tragic that our fantastic basketball team should be on the receiving end of endless drivel related not to something they did, but rather the actions (inactions?) of the referee’s. I don’t really think that any members of the UCLA nation don’t deep down inside know that we got ‘lucky’ on those final plays. To beat Stanford, CAL, and the honorable Aggies after being down by nearly or over 10, is a feat not easily accomplished without a certain amount of luck. However, that being said it is still appalling to announcers and reporters label UCLA’s possible NC banner as being tainted. Please, understand that this is a program built by John Wooden. If ever a man of honor and dignity walked this earth, I think most people (UCLA alum or not) would find it deplorable to mention his program as anything but a class act. So yes, perhaps it is with the referees that we should place blame. And yes, it is a shame that the great accomplishments of this great team should be placed in doubt because of these “non-calls”. When all is said and done, however, I feel that is is unfair to entertain the idea of a tainted banner no. 12. Doing so is downright shameful.

  • bruin08

    It is over with and done, everyone is entitled to their opinion but it is impossible to change any of the calls, so what is the use of complaining and trashing these young men who play their hearts out for their team and their school and cannot control the calls by the referees. How can the officiating seriously be blamed on UCLA? We are all adults here and the fact that people are insulting others on here that they don’t even know based on their opinion on an issue that will not matter in a year is so childish, just think about it. Everyone is entitled to write what they want but lets leave the insults aside (i.e. “god have mercy on your soul”). I mean I think if we went back we could find fouls that should have been called on almost every team and weren’t…but what are you going to do about it? LIFE COULD BE WORSE, and I think the UCLA name shouldn’t be trashed just because the West Coast refs need to go back to officiating school.

  • yabooowho

    Larry, you have a lot of crybabies from texas that read your site. Any team that can’t score a basket in the last 9 minutes deserves to lose.