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Friday, March 27, 2015

Wisconsin C Evan Anderson dances like nobody’s business (Video)

Evan Anderson danceThis video shared by the Wisconsin athletic department is all sorts of awesome, but the best part has to be 6-foot-10 center Evan Anderson busting out some surprisingly awesome dance moves following the team’s Sweet 16 victory over Baylor Thursday.

I can’t exactly tell what he was doing — maybe a version of The Jerk? — but whatever it was, it was awesome and I loved it.

Things got more fun in the Badgers’ locker room when Aaron Rodgers made an appearance and counted them down to break the huddle. Oh, and then he took this great picture with Bo Ryan:

Yeah, we all know Rahhhjus is a Cal guy, but their basketball team stinks, and at least he’s really embracing his new city’s home teams. That has to go a long way with the fans, and we can’t get mad at him for that!

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