Brett Hundley status update for Arizona State game won’t be known until kickoff

Brett Hundley UCLABrett Hundley injured his elbow in the first quarter of UCLA’s comeback win over Texas in Arlington last weekend, leaving many Bruins fans (and curious parties) wondering about his status for the Arizona State game.

Here’s the thing: there is no status update because coach Jim Mora is choosing not to provide one.

Unlike the NFL where coaches are mandated to provide injury reports during the week (originally for gambling and now also for fantasy football purposes), college coaches are not required to do so. Any information they provide is optional, but generally considered a courtesy to keep their paying customers (aka fans) happy as well as the media outlets covering the team.

Some coaches choose not to give any more information than what is necessary. Mora is clearly deciding to follow that, and his reasoning makes sense.

Like UCLA, Arizona State is 3-0 on the season. This is expected to be a good, close game. By choosing not to provide any updates, Mora is forcing the Sun Devils to prepare for the possibility of facing both Hundley and backup Jerry “Little Ricky” Neuheisel. He’s trying to keep them guessing. That’s also the same reason why Mora would not allow the media inside practice this week.

What we do know is that Hundley was fully suited up for practice Wednesday, according to the LA Times.

It is believed that Hundley suffered a hyper-extended left elbow. We know he wanted to return to the game but Coach Mora would not let him back in.

I am almost certain that Hundley would play this week if UCLA had a game on Saturday, so I’m even more certain that he will play against Arizona State since that isn’t until Thursday, Sept. 25.

Just don’t expect any updates from Mora prior to kickoff, according to the LA Daily News.

“I’m not going to tell anybody anything until kickoff versus Arizona State,” Mora said Sunday. “Nobody. Nothing.”

Jameis Winston suspended one half for obscene outburst on campus

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston did, in fact, stand up on a Florida State campus table and yell a very inappropriate phrase. As a result, the Florida State star has been suspended for the first half of his team’s game against Clemson.

Florida State issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon calling Winston’s outburst “offensive and vulgar.” The school said he will face internal discipline in addition to being suspended for a half.

Winston’s poor decision came on Tuesday, when he apparently stood up on a table at the FSU student union and yelled, “F— her right in the p—!” He was referencing an internet meme that has gone viral over the past year or so and is popular on college campuses. Feel free to YouTube it if you’re not familiar.

Winston apologized when speaking to reporters on Wednesday.

Many will say Winston’s comedy act is another instance of college kids being college kids, but he needs to realize he is a celebrity. Winston is a Heisman Trophy winner, national champion, and future NFL player. He’s not going to be able to keep a low profile off the field no matter what he does, but he can take some of the heat off of himself by not stealing crab legs, getting into trouble at Burger King and yelling profanity in public. He needs to grow up.

Jameis Winston reportedly stood on table at FSU student union and yelled inappropriate phrase


Jameis Winston is a Heisman Trophy winner and arguably the best quarterback in the nation, but the Florida State star has made some questionable decisions off the field. He supposedly made another one on Tuesday when he stood on an FSU campus table and shouted out some profanity.

According to several FSU students on Twitter, Winston climbed onto a table and yelled, “F— her right in the p—-!” — perhaps several times. Deadspin rounded up a bunch of tweets from students who claim to have witnessed the act.


Why would Winston (allegedly) do this? We have no idea. He was probably looking to get a few laughs, and I’m sure he got plenty of them. But this isn’t the type of attention a guy who has been caught doing stuff like stealing crab legs from a supermarket and soda from a Burger King needs.

For those of you who don’t understand the reference, the phrase Winston supposedly shouted comes from a popular internet meme that you can learn all about here.

Wake Forest photoshops recruit Kengera Daniel next to Kim Kardashian


If three-star high school defensive end Kengera Daniel ever wondered what Kim Kardashian would look like on his arm, Wake Forest has provided him with a visual. In an attempt to be creative with their recruiting pitch, Wake Forest recently sent Daniel — the 15th-ranked player at his position — a photoshopped image that features the 250-pounder with his arm around Kim K.

Daniel tweeted the image with a laughing and clapping emoticon, so I guess he appreciated the effort. The fake People Magazine cover also included phony headlines like “Kim K. on why she wants to see KG in the Deacon black and gold.”

Sound familiar? While mildly entertaining, the idea isn’t original. Tennessee did the exact same thing with a recruit and a Beyonce photoshop last month. The fact that Wake Forest stole the idea is lamer than the idea itself.

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Photo: Twitter/Kengera Daniel

Arkansas State had player play dead on awful fake punt attempt (Video)

Arkansas-State-fake-puntArkansas State tried what could very well be the worst fake punt attempt you will ever see on Saturday. In the second quarter of a 41-20 loss to Miami, the Red Wolves lined up like they were going to kick it away near midfield. Instead of punting, they had a player fake like he had collapsed on the field and then threw an interception.

Let’s start with the faking of the death. Sophomore wide receiver Booker Mays, who is listed at 5-foot-1 on Arkansas State’s official athletics website, immediately grabbed his chest and fell backward when the ball was snapped. No one seemed to care. In fact, he got jacked up as soon as he came to his feet after Miami picked the ball off.

What was the purpose of having someone play dead? If it was to make the opponent concerned for his health, that’s just plain wrong. Whatever the case, it didn’t work. And where the hell was that pass going? There didn’t appear to be a white shirt anywhere in the vicinity of where the ball was thrown.

Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson told For the Win the play is called the “Fainting Goat” and basically admitted that it served no purpose.

“We were just having a little bit of fun to be honest with you,” he said. “When you scare a goat, it faints. It was a joke.”

The joke’s on you, buddy.

Videos via @SeanKorte
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Rick Neuheisel watches son Jerry beat Texas in priceless video

What could be more satisfying for a father than this?

Former UCLA quarterback and head coach Rick Neuheisel has been broadcasting with Pac-12 Networks ever since being fired by UCLA late in the 2011 season. Before he left UCLA, he recruited his son, Jerry, to come play quarterback for the Bruins, just like pops. Never could the two have imagined what Jerry would one day do.

After Bruins star quarterback Brett Hundley hyper-extended his left elbow early in Saturday’s game against Texas at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, UCLA turned to Jerry, who is the team’s backup QB.

Though Jerry, a redshirt sophomore, looked completely overmatched at first, he threw a touchdown pass on the Bruins’ opening possession of the second half and a beautiful 33-yard TD pass with three minutes left in the game to give UCLA a 20-17 lead and the win.

Jerry had only thrown 13 career passes prior to Saturday’s game, yet he hung tough and led the Bruins to victory to keep them undefeated at 3-0.

It was an incredible game, great win for Jerry, and his dad got to watch it all from the Pac-12 Networks offices.

If you haven’t seen this video of Rick interviewing Jerry, you must. The two are clones. And you’ll know why we call Jerry “Little Ricky.”

Rick son Jerry Neuheisel

Steve Spurrier jabs Paul Finebaum over prediction (Video)

Steve SpurrerSteve Spurrier can talk trash with the best of them. He can also coach with the best of them. And after coaching South Carolina to a 38-35 win over Georgia Saturday, Spurrier decided to take a little jab at respected SEC media personality Paul Finebaum.

“I knew we had a good chance to beat ‘em when I heard Finebaum picked ‘em to win by about 25 points. He picked Alabama to beat Oklahoma by 25 too, so I said we got a chance tonight,” Spurrier said.

“I like Paul Finebaum. I’m just kidding him a little bit. He has a tendency to miss a lot.”

Awesome. Love Spurrier. But was he actually mistaken?

C’mon, Paul. Don’t ruin a good storyline!