Anthony Chickillo sticks fingers in Bobby Hart’s eyes during fight

Bobby Hart Anthony Chickillo

The Miami-Florida State game on Saturday wasn’t officially a Miami-Florida State game until Bobby Hart and Anthony Chickillo scrapped early in the third quarter.

Florida State had the ball at the Miami 31 in a 2nd-and-9 situation up 21-14. Jameis Winston completed a pass down to the 6 to give FSU 1st-and-goal, but flags were thrown after the play because of the fight between the two players.

ABC TV cameras didn’t show what led to the fight. What’s weird is that Chickillo was rushing on the right side, while Hart was blocking on the opposite side, so they weren’t going against each other. Hart ended up on top of Chickillo, who was laying on his back. Cameras showed Chickillo grabbing Hart by the facemask and sticking his fingers in the offensive lineman’s eyes.

Whatever the reason for the fight, Jimbo Fisher was irritated with his player for getting involved in the situation.


Off-setting personal foul penalties were handed out by the referees. Florida State scored on the next play to make it 28-14.

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  • Harry K James

    I see no fingers stuck in his eyes. I see at best a face mask call. But watching the film it makes me wonder how the Miami player while laying on his back was lifted and shifted over when surrounded by Seminoles.


    This is so typical from “Thug U”…Miami is the best at acting like criminals and they are carrying forth their “fine” tradition of thug and ghetto behavior.


    Seriously? The thug from Miami has BOTH hands in Hart’s face and was “raking” his eyes. I watched the game and SAW what the Miami thug was doing.

    In the fine tradition of Thug U, this is the best of what Miami does on a football field with their ghetto trash jawing a close 2nd.

  • Harry K James

    If Hart was without fault here, why did his coach and his teammate get in his face about arriving late on the play and issuing retaliation ? USA TODAY It is clear from the film the Miami player was on his back after the play was over and lifted off the ground.

  • Harry K James

    From USA TODAY “Hart had come into the pile late and retaliated unnecessarily. When he went to the sideline, head coach Jimbo Fisher was furious that Hart risked a damaging penalty or perhaps an ejection in a 21-14 game. But just as Fisher’s anger reached full froth, here came redshirt freshman Jameis Winston, moving Fisher aside and giving Hart his own speech.”


    You didn’t see Chickillo pull down Hart with both hands as he was “raking” Hart’s eyes? Coach Fisher got in Hart’s face because all week long, FSU players were warned about the “thug” history and nature of “Thug U”. He was dressed down that Hart’s actions (after a play that got FSU down to first and goal) could have set the team back. That when it is all said and done, it is a TEAM game.

    Coach Fisher also had to remind Hart that he is more valuable to the team IN the game, instead of getting kicked out. Something that Miami has a history of doing.

    Hart is only guilty for letting the Miami thugs get to him as he was getting his eyes “raked” after FSU was getting ready to score.

    As for where were the Miami coaches when Chickillo was raking Hart’s eyes and what did they say to Chickillo?? [crickets].

  • Mark Schuetz

    You’re kidding right? Watch the video. The kid gets trucked and then responds by throwing his hands into his eyes. Despicable. You can’t spell scum without U M. Read about the bounty Sileo put ou on Jernigan….a grand to take him out…..from an ex UM thug.