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Friday, May 25, 2018

Anthony Chickillo sticks fingers in Bobby Hart’s eyes during fight

Bobby Hart Anthony Chickillo

The Miami-Florida State game on Saturday wasn’t officially a Miami-Florida State game until Bobby Hart and Anthony Chickillo scrapped early in the third quarter.

Florida State had the ball at the Miami 31 in a 2nd-and-9 situation up 21-14. Jameis Winston completed a pass down to the 6 to give FSU 1st-and-goal, but flags were thrown after the play because of the fight between the two players.

ABC TV cameras didn’t show what led to the fight. What’s weird is that Chickillo was rushing on the right side, while Hart was blocking on the opposite side, so they weren’t going against each other. Hart ended up on top of Chickillo, who was laying on his back. Cameras showed Chickillo grabbing Hart by the facemask and sticking his fingers in the offensive lineman’s eyes.

Whatever the reason for the fight, Jimbo Fisher was irritated with his player for getting involved in the situation.


Off-setting personal foul penalties were handed out by the referees. Florida State scored on the next play to make it 28-14.

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