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Monday, May 21, 2018

Arizona State New Uniforms Raise Satan’s Disciples Gang Concerns

Arizona State is one of the handful of college football teams to update their uniforms with a newer, sleeker look this offseason. They’ve gone to black uniforms and like I said when I first saw them, they’re pretty hot. But not unlike many sports teams’ jerseys and logos, these ones are raising concerns because of their similarity to the logo for Chicago Hispanic gang “Satan’s Disciples.”

A Chicago-area cop who works with gangs says he’s convinced it’s a matter of time before the Satan’s Disciples adopt the new ASU gear. He says the similarity between the gang’s logo and the new ASU pitchfork is uncanny, as you can see in the picture above.

Look, gangs using sports gear to represent is nothing new so this shouldn’t surprise us. Honestly, do you have any other explanation for why I see so many Pittsburgh Pirates hats in LA? There aren’t that many Pirates fans in Pittsburgh. It’s a gang thing, and this is nothing new.

SB Nation Arizona has great coverage of the uniforms in case you’re curious for more info and thanks to EDSBS for the original link.

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