Craig James Was Calling Texas Tech Coaches During Games Telling Them to Play His Son

Adam James was painted as a victim, and Mike Leach as the bad guy when the coach was fired by Texas Tech in 2009. As time has gone on, and Leach has had a chance to share his side of the story, a new picture has been painted of how unfairly Leach was treated by the university.

We learned in July from Leach’s book that Adam James didn’t want Mike Leach to be fired for the whole closet incident. What we discovered was that former SMU player, and then-ESPN broadcaster Craig James had hired a PR firm to help get Leach fired for allegedly mistreating his son, Adam, who supposedly had a concussion. Now we’re learning the depths of how inappropriate Craig James was as a parent and broadcaster.

Leach’s lawyer told Paul Finebaum’s radio show that James was calling Texas Tech coaches during games telling them to play his son.

“He was calling (Texas Tech) coaches from the booth during games and telling them to put Adam in and let him play. Disrupting games,” Steve Heninger told Finebaum. “Then at night he was leaving voicemails that he was upset that Adam wasn’t …”

Here’s the audio from the interview (via Sports by Brooks):

We share this information out of fairness to Mike Leach, who was treated unfairly by Texas Tech and ESPN. We hope this will persuade you not to vote for James, not that you were going to anyway.

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  • Anonymous

    Mike Leach was a jerk and deserved to be fired.  Had he handled that whole incident better he’d still be coaching at Tech.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    No, he was fired because Texas Tech didn’t want to pay his bonus.

  • http://twitter.com/NickNafster79 Nick Nafpliotis

    Looks there is something else to add to this list of Craig James douchebaggery


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_APVHNEXKC3LQXWZ7SLPL4FBKB4 Hp3

    The truth will set Mike free, along with a nice payday! Tech is at the bottom now(athletics wise) anyway, while Captain Leach is on his way to the TOP OF THE PAC 12, nice move by Tech….retards