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Monday, May 21, 2018

ESPN’s Jenn Brown Accidentally Locked Herself Inside a Hotel Bathroom

All I can say is it’s a good thing Jenn Brown brings her cell phone into the can with her. Otherwise, she might still be inside a hotel bathroom screaming for help with no one to hear her. And no, the hotel bathroom didn’t have one of those phones on the wall because someone tweeted Brown to ask her what she would have done without her cell phone and she said it was a very good question.. Check out this Jenn Brown distress tweet that she sent out on Wednesday morning, via Deadspin:

You’ll be relieved to know that she has now been freed, as you can see by following the humorous play-by-play on Jenn’s Twitter account.  Among other things she tweeted while stuck in the bathroom was that her room was “dead bolted from the inside” so she had no idea how hotel maintenance was going to get in.  The hotel staff somehow got in without wreaking havoc (perhaps this has happened before?) and simply lifted the bathroom handle to open to door.

Don’t worry, Brown isn’t an idiot. The handle was broken from the inside as you can see in the image above and they’re replacing it for her.  Under normal circumstances we might sack someone with the LBS Nut Bag for getting locked in a hotel bathroom, but Jenn’s hotness earns her a free pass.

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