Georgia LB Leonard Floyd gets signal to fake injury (Video)

Faking injuries to slow down hurry-up offenses is a trend we are going to see all season long in college football unless rules are changed to close this loophole.

Cal football coach Sonny Dykes was livid with Northwestern for slowing down their “Bear Raid” offense by getting hurt on almost every play Saturday night, and nothing was done about it. But that couldn’t even compare to what Georgia did against Clemson.
Leonard Floyd fake injury
Georgia coaches literally gave a player the signal to fake an injury. In the clip seen above, a few Georgia defensive players are seen looking over at the sideline and seem to get instructions to fake being hurt. Next thing you know, freshman linebacker Leonard Floyd drops to the turf despite being fine moments earlier. Teammate Damian Swann even begins pointing at the ground to make it seem authentic.

Hopefully this tape gets sent to the NCAA or SEC so something can be done because this is just an embarrassment.

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Below is another look at the video:

via Justin Hokanson

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  • Christoper Wish

    Dude stop snitching!

  • candler25

    This is bullshit. This video doesn’t even show the whole thing. Know exactly what you are taking about before you make this type of accusation. He was waving to the sideline before what’s shown in this edited clip. When a player is hurt he doesn’t need to keep running around risking further injury. He was simply told to go down since he wasn’t able to get off the field in time.

  • 84tiger

    Bullshit indeed, but not surprising as this seems to be indicative of the football culture at Georgia. I was at the game and witnessed some of the most classless and unsportsmanlike behavior from GA fan that I have ever seen. Not to mention the GA players taunting the Clemson team by breaking past the band line into the East end zone as the Tigers participated in one of the best known and exciting traditions in all of college football running down the hill prior to kickoff. My daughter was in the first row on the hill and heard the taunts. The GA fans that I know who do have a clue understand this was wrong and also that this is how the South Carolina players ignited a brawl prior to a game a few years ago. One particularly classless bulldog fan seated near me actually stood up and raised both middle fingers during the ceremony to honor coach Danny Ford and induct him into the Clemson ring of honor, only one of the at least 5 times this fan (?) displayed this obscene gesture throughout the game. When he did this, he was supported by many of the fans around him, so it was not a case of one isolated a-hole. When the GA wide receivers on the opposite side of the field from the play were flagged (3 times) for illegal blocks below the waist in obvious attempts to take out the knees their opponents, these bulldog fans, between shouting obscenities at the officials, taunted the Clemson fans sitting nearby calling the Tigers “pussies” and saying this was “SEC football” and that the ACC was not tough enough. I do believe some of the GA injuries were legit, especially in the second half when the defense could not endure the pace of the Clemson offense and they were taking a good old-fashioned ass whooping. If the players are not in good enough shape to play the game keep them on the sidelines. In the end, we saw who was tough enough that night and which university, fans and players have the most class.

  • gridiron

    I was at the game. #84 got hit in the privates. Sideline told him to drop. Arrived in Clemson at 8 a.m., went to Gameday, tailgated, esso club, etc… Left at 1 a.m. 17 hours and didn’t witness one bad incident. .. and yes that includes three uga players crowding Clemson players (non event). I did see some middle fingers and foul language from both sides, but then again that is why a college football game in the south in no place for small children. I hope you recover. I’ll say a prayer for you.

  • GHOST_420

    What do you expect out of georgia, the land of redneck incest?

  • 84tiger

    No need to pray for me. I’m fine. Pray for the guys who let their middle fingers speak for them. They will need it more. Look at the video of the start of the game. The entire GA team went into the end zone. That is how South Carolina ignited a pre-game brawl a couple of years ago. I also asked the young Clemson fans sitting next to us to be respectful before the game started which they did. When I asked Mr. Middle Finger to show a little respect during the induction ceremony for Coach Ford I got another finger. Classy.

  • 84tiger

    And when the day comes that women and children can’t attend college football games, we need to pray for all of us.

  • paulainsc

    I think that happened a few times with GA. Shame

  • MarsHasBars

    So, an injured player is going to have to be held out for more than one play now. It’s a shame, because a lot of injured players are able to return after being shaken up. now, we’ll need like a 5 minute rule or something.

  • MarsHasBars

    blahblahblah…he was busted.

  • patricia666

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  • Donald Draper

    So an injuried player should not be allowed to leave the field and be substituted just because you run a hurry up offense. OPEN YOUR EYES and look at what happened before and after not just during … I have never seen a team win with absolutely no humility … Maybe if you can maintain winning for a year or two you just may get used to it and not be a novice. CU has a great team … and it was a legit win against my Dawgs.

  • Donald Draper

    84 – Get a life dude. Read my post below. So many team’s fans can not lose with class. Clemson fans are having a hard time winning with class.