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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Georgia LB Leonard Floyd gets signal to fake injury (Video)

Faking injuries to slow down hurry-up offenses is a trend we are going to see all season long in college football unless rules are changed to close this loophole.

Cal football coach Sonny Dykes was livid with Northwestern for slowing down their “Bear Raid” offense by getting hurt on almost every play Saturday night, and nothing was done about it. But that couldn’t even compare to what Georgia did against Clemson.
Leonard Floyd fake injury
Georgia coaches literally gave a player the signal to fake an injury. In the clip seen above, a few Georgia defensive players are seen looking over at the sideline and seem to get instructions to fake being hurt. Next thing you know, freshman linebacker Leonard Floyd drops to the turf despite being fine moments earlier. Teammate Damian Swann even begins pointing at the ground to make it seem authentic.

Hopefully this tape gets sent to the NCAA or SEC so something can be done because this is just an embarrassment.

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Below is another look at the video:

via Justin Hokanson

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