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Monday, May 21, 2018

Gordon Gee blasts Notre Dame, Catholics, and Southerners in one speech

Gordon GeeOhio State president E. Gordon Gee managed to hit the college football trifecta by blasting Notre Dame, Catholics, and Southerners all in one speech.

The Associated Press obtained a recording of comments Gee gave at one of the school’s athletic council meetings last year. In his remarks, Gee ripped Notre Dame (and Catholics) for not joining the Big Ten and being difficult in their negotiations about the subject. He also ragged on the SEC for their academics.

“The fathers are holy on Sunday, and they’re holy hell on the rest of the week,” Gee said to laughter at the Dec. 5 meeting attended by athletic director Gene Smith and several other athletic department members, along with professors and students, according to the AP.

“You just can’t trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or a Friday, and so, literally, I can say that,” said Gee.

“You tell the SEC when they can learn to read and write, then they can figure out what we’re doing,” Gee said, when asked by a questioner how to respond to SEC fans who say the Big Ten can’t count because it now has 14 members.

Gee, it must be noted, once worked as Vanderbilt’s chancellor.

Gee has apologized to Notre Dame’s president for his remarks. He also apologized for his comments, calling them “inappropriate” in an apology sent to the AP. Ohio State and Big Ten distanced themselves from his comments.

“The comments I made were just plain wrong, and in no way do they reflect what the university stands for,” he said. “They were a poor attempt at humor and entirely inappropriate.”

No surprise, this isn’t the first time the bow-tied blab has gotten into trouble with negative remarks made about other schools. What a doofus.

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