Indiana Coach Kevin Wilson Owns Zakk and Jack Radio Show (Audio)

When you mix a new coach who has something to prove, with radio hosts who love to ruffle feathers, it’s never pretty. Of course, by saying it’s never pretty, I mean it’s brilliant for people like us. New Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson recently appeared on the Zakk and Jack Show on 1260 WNDE in Indiana.  The conversation was a short one.  Before Wilson went on the air, hosts Dominic Zaccagnini and Jack Trudeau were having a blast ripping on the Indiana program and talking about how you rarely hear their fight song because they never win.  Meanwhile, Wilson was was on hold getting more and more pissed off.  Check it out:

What do they expect?  If you’re going to rag on a coach’s team on the air, you probably should do it some time when he isn’t on hold.  Wilson is the new man in town and the only way to earn respect is to beat your chest a little.  As soon as you allow the local media to start walking all over you life becomes difficult.  The real tragedy here was having to listen to Zakk and Jack basically cry about the coach being mean to them.  Nothing wrong with a guy who tells it like it is.

H/T to The Big Lead for pointing out the audio.

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  • Zach Beals

    Quit giving amateurs hits and go to an interview that, albeit biased, isn’t done by high schoolers.


  • Anonymous

    If I were Jack Trudeau’s kids I would be ashamed to walk on IU’s campus.So their father is some has been jock that has a propensity to bring up his “glory days” where he had a minute amount of success as an Illini. Obviously his success there far surpasses his success as an radio talk show host. Host.. now that’s a word Trudeau needs to learn the meaning of. The only apparel missing from his uniform now is a pair of floppy shoes and a big red nose. You’ll never get into the ‘big leagues’ of broadcasting providing your audience with interviews like that What bush leaguers .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WV2FE6AHECE7A5RGSYCNGE4KWQ Mike

    Jack jack’s off  –  a lot.