Iowa student Samantha Goudie blows .341 at game, becomes American legend

And here is Vodka Samm living up to her name by holding a bottle of vodka:

Look, I am in no way trying to encourage excessive drinking nor glorify stupid partying. I would never let my child act like this. But, seriously, we have to just give credit where it’s due. When we see someone who has exceptional talent — and Goudie is an exceptional entertainer and partier — we must recognize it.

Respect, Samm.

Also see: Samantha Goudie mug shot after arrest

Photo: Twitter/Vodka Samm

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  • GHOST_420

    Hope if this girl dies of alcohol poisoning her father tracks down this OP and caves in his skull, its what I would do. Your giving this young lady a dangerous rep to uphold…Larry Brown.

  • Mitch Cumsteen

    probably one of those d-bags from Chicagoland (Illinois suburbanites) who didn’t qualify for Notre Dame, Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, or U of Wisconsin, so the rich obnoxious parents ship them to the U of Iowa (27% of U of Iowa’s student population). 3rd rate students but a cash-cow for Iowa, who vigorously recruits them for the out of state tuition $$$

  • coldhardtruth

    Oh, I read the headline wrong, I though it said drunk coed blows 341 students. Same diff I suppose.