Jameis Winston walks away from Heather Cox interview after fourth investigation question (video)

Jameis Winston Heather CoxJameis Winston had another fantastic game on Saturday as he led his undefeated Seminoles to yet another win and a spot in the BCS National Championship Game.

Winston went 19-of-32 for 330 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions, and he rushed for 59 yards and a touchdown in the 45-7 win over Duke. Winston has been able to stay focused and play well even while being investigated for an alleged sexual assault. After the game, ABC/ESPN reporter Heather Cox asked him how he’s been handling the investigation. Winston answered three consecutive questions related to the investigation but, after the fourth, he walked away.

I don’t have a problem with what either of them did. Winston answered the questions, and Cox asked the pertinent ones. I don’t care about the setting; those questions were a huge part of what’s going on with Winston and were absolutely relevant. The only thing was Cox maybe didn’t need to go for a fourth question after realizing Winston wasn’t giving her the answer she sought.

H/T Bryan A. Graham

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  • https://www.amorc.org.au/qlfs/AMORC%20Mastery%20of%20Life.pdf Chris_Rose

    Heather hurt herself here. She went too far.

  • xxxxyoloswagginsxxx .

    what does she expect him to say? he just won a championship she shouldn’t be bombarding him with those questions

  • joe blo

    C word!

  • stateofcircle

    Don’t just blame Cox – there are producers who tell her what to say…

  • Jimmy L Aldrich

    He was under a team and university mandate not to answer any questions about the investigation and this bish knew it. She’s not Katie Couric, she’s a average sideline reporter who needs to stay in her lane.

  • flyonawall

    Piss poor reporting on Cox’s part. It was evident that Winston wasn’t going to elaborate anymore on the case. She went to far. I wouldn’t do another interview with her if I was Winston…..ever.
    This was an on field game post interview, not 20/20, not 60 minutes and not Dateline.

  • Moira Jackson

    Reporters need targeting rules. She spoiled his happy moment…and mine.

  • Tom Morris

    Why because a sideline REPORTER asked an actual news question? I think the image of Jameis Winston running off with FSU handlers was very appropriate. He ran from them almost as fast as he ran away from the police investigation by refusing to cooperate and by getting a lawyer to stonewall the investigation.

  • Dan

    Good for him. FIRE HEATHER COX! Espn is a liberal POS network!

  • Doug Dandridge

    Guess, what, Mr. Legal Genius. Most attornies would tell you not to make a statement to the police, but only to answer questions if it comes to court. Innocent people have been convected because of some of them said something they thought was harmless during a statement. I wouldn’t cooperate with the police either, even if I knew I was 100% innocent, because the legal system is not the truth so much as the appearance of the truth.

  • Jim Mcintosh

    This was a he said, she said case. The toughest of cases to prove by either party. One thing that bothers me is the girl didn’t report this herself and didn’t want to report this – and reiterated that fact repeatedly as noted in all released documents. Had major lapse in memory and told two or three different versions of events leading up to it to investigators and friends. Of all types of cases, no matter what the story, this is a type of case you kreep your mouth shut. Any attorney will advise that to anyone. Finally some food for thought about the big cover-up. Victims attorney from beginning was not just an attorney, but a former prosecutor herself. A former prosecutor/attorney bullied by a police detective? She, the victims attorney, sat idle for near 11 months, and never once picked up the phone and called the Tallahassee prosecutors (her peers) office? All of her displeasure, never once called the chief of police? Really? “Who” wanted this to go away, you tell me? Just take a minute and think about it.

  • Naps22

    Oh yea, an “an actual news question”. Yea, I get it, I know people like you that live their pathetic boring lives love kicking people when they’re down. You almost sound as if you think he’s guilty. By that estimation, I’ll assume you have read nothing of the police report. The parts where there was another man’s DNA in her ass. And the part where she couldn’t remember a damn thing about how she got to his apartment. She claims she was drunk but she blew a .04. People like you are honestly pathetic human beings. It’s the people like you that make ESPN report this crap and go apeshyt about it because you buy it up without looking at any of the facts.

  • Marcjones

    Well stated NAPS22! Tom, you gotta understand that innocent people get caught up every day. He’d be a fool to continue to answer questions when people like you are looking for any reason to find him guilty. Trust me, it’s a terrible feeling too be accused of something you didn’t do.

  • sblg24

    If this KID didn’t do anything wrong then why run away like a little B####? Be a MAN and at least acknowledge it! It was an honest question!!! I’m sick of these college athletes getting away with things and then being swept under the rug. Winston should not have even been playing in my opinion!!