Jameis Winston sexual assault alleged victim’s side of story told to police

Jameis Winston Jameis Winston will not be charged for an alleged sexual assault, the Florida state attorney announced on Thursday.

The Florida State redshirt freshman quarterback’s lawyer said his client had sex with the alleged victim on the night in question. The attorney said the sex was consensual, whereas the alleged victim claims that was not the case.

Since there is a huge difference between what the two have told police, we’d like you to have the ability to read the accuser’s side of the story.

The accuser told police she could not recall how she got to the place where the incident took place. There seems to be some hints that she was drugged or her memory was impaired by alcohol, because she claimed she could not recall how she met the suspect.

victim side Jameis

The alleged victim claimed she tried kicking the person off of her and had her arms pinned down. The alleged victim claims she was taken to the bathroom, where the assault continued. She said she did not remember dressing herself afterwards but she did remember riding on a scooter being driven by the suspect and later being dropped off.

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  • JT09

    All I have to say….this story sound made up! She say she can’t remember dressing herself, the next thing she REMEMBERS is riding on a scooter…..how can she remember the suspect removing her clothes, a person whom she says the roommate entered the room and told them to stop while she also told them to stop, The suspect pinned her arms down….took her to the bathroom…Come on, there is too many lies in this statement! Now, why did she not try to get away when she went from the bedroom to the bathroom? when did she “Pass out” in order to remember all this episode/event happening? Why ;she Not fight him off of her when the other person came into the room???? But she can remember being on a dizzam scooter dropped off and going back to the dorm and calling FSUPD!!!!!!!!! She is just trying to get money that the young man doesn’t have….sex was consent.