Jarrett Lee Says He Was ‘Frustrated’ Watching LSU Lose to Alabama

Jarrett Lee did not see any action during LSU’s National Championship Game loss to Alabama despite the ineffectiveness of Jordan Jefferson. Many people wondered why LSU never made a quarterback switch, especially Bobby Hebert, who went on a crazy rant afterwards. Lee spoke about the game recently and said he was frustrated standing on the sidelines.

“I just feel like I could have been given the chance, had an opportunity to come in and get something going, you know, give them, Alabama, something else to worry about, but you know, it is what it is,” he told Scout.com.

“It was very frustrating. I just kind of feel like I could have come in … I don’t know if I could have come in and won the game, but I just felt like I could have given us an opportunity, or something more,” he said.

Lee recognizes the team had a special year, but he was disappointed he didn’t have a chance to help the team in the title game. He also says he thought they were going to make a switch at some point, which probably makes matters even more frustrating.

As I said the night of the game, I understood why Les Miles stuck with Jordan Jefferson. I also would have understood if he made a change and went to Lee. LSU probably would have lost either way, but you never know what could have happened.

H/T Dan Rubenstein

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  • Gene

    Miles should have made the switch.  Jefferson was playing poorly and scared.  Miles replaced Lee in the first Alabama game and he should have replaced Jefferson in this one when it was obvious he didn’t bring his “A Game”.

  • Anonymous

    Thats the problem with 99 percent of coaches in american football, most wont have a plan b and wont make a change in such a high profile game. i say forget tradition and what the purists think, i believe that in football you have so many options to choose from at all times on both sides of the ball…..so change the QB, you can always use them both during the game, use all the weapons available he was 2nd string which means he has some talent. but then again remember les has problems sometimes with decision making! anyway GO USC 2012