Jen Bielema has started Arkansas ‘throw the A’ trend


One of college football’s favorite wives has started a new social media trend. Jen Bielema, the better half of Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema, threw up an ‘A’ logo with her hubby at a Razorbacks practice last week. The photo went viral and has become a new thing among Arkansas fans.

Over the weekend, Jen Bielema retweeted several pictures of fans throwing up the A.

The Texas Longhorns have the horn hand symbol and the Texas Tech Red Raiders have the “guns up” sign that they like to throw. Thanks to the lovely Mrs. Bielema, who by the way looks fantastic in a bikini, it appears the Razorbacks may have a new thing.

Photo: Twitter/Jen Bielema

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  • GHOST_420

    WOW!…how stupid, leave it to white people to create a retarded trend. It doesnt even look like an “A”, more like a triangle…that chick needs to stick to being a spooge-sponge and nothing else. Arkansas is irrelevant anyway.

  • BinKee

    Who is the dumb a$$ that designated that airheaded BIMBO as one of college football’s favorite wives? If it takes Razorback fans more than one season to figure that out, than they are dumber than Badger fans. Every time she opens her mouth stupid things come flying out.

  • patricia666

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  • GHOST_420

    LOL! +1