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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Jim Tressel Lied Again: Forwarded Emails to Terrelle Pryor’s Mentor Ted Sarniak

The more the saga of Jim Tressel covering up for his Ohio State players goes on, the more the clean-cut sweater vest look seems to be a facade. To recap, five Ohio State players were suspended five games in 2011 for exchanging athletic merchandise for free tattoos — an NCAA violation. Inexplicably the players were allowed to participate in — and help Ohio State win — its Sugar Bowl game despite the NCAA knowing about the violations.

Later it was discovered that Jim Tressel was tipped off about the tattoos yet he elected not to do anything about it. Furthermore, he made matters worse by lying to his school and NCAA officials about his knowledge of the situation. Now, the Columbus Dispatch reports that Jim Tressel actually forwarded the emails to quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s mentor, Ted Sarniak.

If Tressel in fact forwarded the emails to Sarniak as the Dispatch reports, it would confirm the suspicion Sports by Brooks had based on this video, in addition to destroying Tressel’s defense that he didn’t address the emails because he wanted to keep things confidential.

And if you’re wondering who this mentor Ted Sarniak is, MGoBlog has you covered. According to their research, he’s a Pittsburgh businessman who owns a glass company and who has bribed police in the past. He represented Terrelle Pryor during his recruitment period and was likely involved in his recruiting visits. Oh yeah, he may or may not have also loaned a corvette to Pryor at some point during his life. It’s one nice, clean circle, isn’t it?

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