Johnny Manziel hand gesture represents Drake’s Topszn Regime; Topszn is a marijuana strain

Manziel was just all about his new ties with OVO/Drake/Topszn after meeting the crew during spring break.

The first Drake/OVO mention on Manziel’s Instagram account came in February, when he said he was proudly repping #ovo (OVO stands for October’s Very Own, which is Drake’s birth month and the name of his record label):

I rep it proudly #ovo

Then in April after his trip, Manziel wore a Drake OVO shirt and did the gesture:


When he’s not doing the Topszn money gesture, he’s doing Drake’s owl gesture:

Good hoopin with my brothers today @mikeevans13_ @plutocarson @thatboiwalk #getbuckets

The owl is Drake’s logo/symbol.

Manziel got so caught up in the Drake thing, he even recited DJ Khaled’s song featuring Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil’ Wayne called “No New Friends,” which Manziel seems to apply to his personal life.

Decorated a little bit tonight... #regime #topsznj2m

Manziel did the Topszn gesture with the Heisman Trophy:

#HeismanRegime @ovoryan @obobrien @jstewy11

He did it with a good looking girl:

#topszn is the regime babe

And here he is doing it while wearing a Drake owl shirt:

#Topszn #Regime

Manziel even got a custom iPhone case in June that says OVO and TOPSZN on it:

Just picked my phone up from @avodrocdallas and it's SICK! #Regime @ovoryan @obobrien

Johnny Football was repping the Regime and Topszn hard on Twitter too throughout April and May:

As you may have noticed from the tweets, the real guys behind Topszn seem to be OVO Ryan and OB O’Brien. Head over to Page 4 of the story to learn more about those two guys and what Topszn might really mean.

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    Corny ass white dudes doin the drake thing…surprise

  • Thomas Schaffer

    False. TOPSZN is not a medical strain. It’s their handshake. When you have a “thing” like that going around with all your friends, you’re going to have fun with it. If they picked up medical marijuana and the label was blank, wouldn’t we all want to make up some name to write there? For Drake, TOPSZN was the classic thing to write there. Maybe you should use a better source of “facts” instead of Instagram. Crap like this, with a terrible inference like this, shines a bad light on all the athletes that like to use the handshake. Check your facts man….


    it actually means to get some head from a bad bitch

  • yonderTheGreat

    Did you seriously just say “in the click”?

    It’s “clique”. Please at least PRETEND to have journalistic integrity.

  • Damalama

    dude is going to get destroyed in the nfl

  • Ike

    Loftin is the Mizzou Chancellor now by the way.

  • the_hun

    Mega-gay. Drake is Illuminati. Johnny is on the bottom in that relationship.