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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Johnny Manziel has a personal assistant, hires security when he goes out

Johnny ManzielBy now we are all well aware that Texas A&M star Johnny Manziel is not your average college student. Manziel is larger than life, and that has more to do with the rock star lifestyle he lives than the fact that he is the only freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy. Not every Heisman winner has a personal assistant.

One of the people ESPN the Magazine’s Wright Thompson wrote about in his behind-the-scenes look at Manziel’s life is Manziel’s high school friend Nate Finch, known to his buddies as Uncle Nate. Finch dropped out of school this year to focus on working as Manziel’s personal assistant and manager. And when Manziel sent that tweet about being anxious to leave College Station, the backlash was tough to manage.

“Johnny is in a bad mood,” Nate said at the time. “He’s gotta get out of this fishbowl. If he’s getting in trouble for sending a tweet…”

We later found out that the tweet had to do with a parking ticket, but Manziel created an unnecessary firestorm when he could have just kept it to himself.

Uncle Nate handles media requests for Manziel and also helps coordinate a security team from Houston that Manziel’s parents want him to hire when he goes out in public. That’s right, the 20-year-old has a security team. While Nate said he and Manziel have their “own security team paid for by us,” he admitted he means paid for by Manziel’s parents, who want people to be around to squash any potential confrontations before they start.

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Perhaps Uncle Nate and his security team helped Manziel avoid getting into trouble when he was tossed out of a frat party recently and someone chucked a beer in his direction.

While many will argue that Manziel needs a personal assistant and bodyguards because he is a star quarterback in the SEC, that is not entirely true. If he didn’t love to party so much and kept more of a low profile, he would probably be just fine. As we have learned, that is not what Manziel is about.

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