Johnny Manziel thrown out of Texas fraternity party (Video)

Johnny Manziel Texas fraternityJohnny Manziel has won a Heisman Trophy and beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa, but that doesn’t make him a welcomed guest at all fraternity parties.

The Texas A&M quarterback was thrown out of an SAE fraternity party at the University of Texas on Friday night, according to Burnt Orange Nation. Someone even launched a beer at him, as you can see in the beginning of the video posted above. The video uploader tells LBS that Manziel, who is in the pink, received a lot of attention and was asked by some of the older brothers to leave. He supposedly was not at the party very long.

Manziel apparently was drinking a Keystone Light earlier in the night:

Even though he attends Texas A&M, Manziel grew up a Longhorns fan and remains a fan of the school. He caused a huge controversy when he was photographed with a fake Longhorns tattoo on his torso. Between this and what happened with the Manning Passing Academy, Manziel is getting used to being kicked out of events lately.

UPDATE: Manziel was later photographed at another Texas frat party, and he was wearing a Tim Tebow Jets jersey.

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  • SpinMax

    underage drinking huh? If not a star, he’d be suspended a couple games. Wonder how big the ncaa/a&m’s balls are

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Come on, you think anyone will actually do something about that? Not a chance

  • sovegasjoel

    this drama is NOT football, hes a kid, let him alone to play at frat parties…