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Monday, June 18, 2018

New lawsuit alleges Baylor football team used gang rapes as ‘bonding’ experience

Art Briles

A new Title IX lawsuit filed by a former Baylor volleyball player contains explosive allegations against the football program.

The suit, filed under the name Jane Doe, alleges that the victim was gang-raped by as many as eight Baylor football players after attending a party in February 2012, via Tom Steele of the Dallas Morning News. The student became intoxicated and did not recall everything about the encounter, but she remembered hearing someone yell “Grab her phone! Delete any numbers and texts.”

She also recalled being taunted, told that she “wanted it,” and that someone had taken pictures during the assault.

The lawsuit further alleges that these gang-rapes were premeditated, involved drugging victims, and were considered “bonding” experiences by football players, who also engaged in dog-fighting at the parties.

To make matters worse, Baylor was reportedly aware of these allegations even at the time.

This is the seventh Title IX lawsuit filed against Baylor stemming from the scandals of Art Briles tenure. Previous ones have contained similarly damning allegations against the school.

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