Maurice Clarett: I got paid more at Ohio State than I do in the UFL

Maurice-Clarett-Ohio-StateDuring his short time at Ohio State University, Maurice Clarett did not exactly live the life of an average college student. You could argue that no Division-I athlete at a school like Ohio State lives a “normal” college life, but Clarett was a special case.

After leading OSU to a national championship over Miami in 2003, the running back seemed destined for stardom. Then, Clarett started getting himself into trouble. The Buckeyes dismissed him after it was believed that he took $20,000 in improper benefits during his freshman season. He also pled guilty to filing a false police report claiming $10,000 worth of items were stolen from him. Despite being kicked out of school, Clarett packed a lot of action into his 13 months at Ohio State.

Forbes’ Monte Burke recently wrote a book about Joe Moglia, the former CEO of TD Ameritrade who quit his job to coach football and wound up with the UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks in 2011. Clarett played for the Nighthawks from 2010-2011. The following passage comes from Burke’s book, “4th and Goal: One Man’s Quest to Recapture His Dream,” and was published on Deadspin Thursday:

He was a hard worker in practice and in games. But off the field, he was living a completely different life. ‘I took golf, fishing, and softball as classes,’ Clarett says. ‘Away from class, anything you can think of I did in my 13 months at Ohio State. ‘Drugs and women were two of the things. Cars were another—he owned three of them at a time, including a brand-new Cadillac and Lexus. ‘I was living the NFL life in college,’ he says. “I got paid more in college than I do now in the UFL.'”

Most of you know Clarett’s story. There was the failed attempt to enter the NFL Draft, the drugs, the armed robbery and the night he got into his car wearing body armor and carrying an assault rifle and three hand guns. All of that landed Clarett in prison for nearly four years.

Now we know why Clarett said he never sold memorabilia because he was “on a different level.” Clearly this guy was getting lots of money from somewhere, but I’m sure the fine folks at The Ohio State University had nothing to do with it and knew nothing about it.

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  • SpinMax

    We expected big things out of Maurice Clarett. He was the Ohio’s Future
    Stars #1 senior and player of the year coming out of high school, and
    after winning Mr. Football in Ohio and enrolling early at OSU, expecting
    him to contribute early was reasonable. No one could have predicted
    him to break out and become a household name as a true freshman though.
    Clarett burst out of the gate immediately with a 175-yard performance
    on national television in the Pigskin Classic against Texas Tech, but
    the best was yet to come. The second half of the season was hampered by
    a shoulder injury, but Clarett still ran for 1237 yards and 18 TDs
    along with 104 receiving yards. The bruising runner has established
    himself as one of college football’s top players, and things should only
    get better from here for Maurice.

  • chicolyn

    How come the big elite colleges Never post the players in football,basketball,track,GPA?NEVER post the simple classes they take just so the can play the sport?How many really go to class?

  • chicolyn

    How come so many losers come out of Ohio?Is it the water?Look at La Queen Jane ,looks all of 35yrs old and his grandpa,Oden looks 45 and they say he is 21.Makes you wonder where these guys were born and when.