Michigan commit Kyle Bosch uses threat to warn Ohio State fans to lay off Logan Tuley-Tillman

Michigan offensive lineman commit Logan Tuley-Tillman started a firestorm when he tweeted a picture of him burning a recruiting letter from Ohio State. Tuley-Tillman told Yahoo! Sports’ Dr. Saturday that the letter burning resulted in death threats from Ohio State fans.

Since then, Kyle Bosch, another Michigan class of 2013 commit, defended Tuley-Tillman. However, his questionable tweet may cause the touchy situation to escalate:

Yeah, threatening violence to people whom you’re reprimanding for threatening violence isn’t exactly the best way to make it all stop. Maybe this is all part of the younger generation’s attempt to replace Alabama-Auburn as the most intense rivalry in college football. If so, they’re off to a strong yet terribly unhealthy start.

UPDATE: Bosch later deleted the above tweet and apologized.

via Eye on Recruiting

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRQZCTC4ZPUPZRYN7T5F6W5O7A Dave

    lol, michigan can never get the bright ones.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tommy.troyer Tommy Troyer

    I have an OSU degree I found it in a box of cracker jacks. I used it to start the fire in my fireplace, as i roasted some buckeyes, or should i say worthless nuts. Go Blue!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRQZCTC4ZPUPZRYN7T5F6W5O7A Dave

    ummmm I doubt you found an osu degree in a cracker jack box, I think you were “thinking” diploma but just screwed it up. yep sounds like a machine grad. but hey I have lots of michigan diplomas I use them for toilet paper. you satisfied yet tommy or do you want to up the stakes.