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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mike Leach told Paul Petrino ‘f— you’ during postgame handshake (Video)

Mike-Leach-Paul-PetrinoWashington State enjoyed a relatively uneventful 42-0 win over Idaho on Saturday night. The Cougars cruised to victory as expected, with the most exciting part of the evening coming after the game when Washington State coach Mike Leach and Idaho coach Paul Petrino met at midfield for their handshake.

Petrino was obviously upset with Leach about something and Leach didn’t appreciate getting the cold shoulder. As Coug Center speculated, Petrino may have been angry with Leach for keepers his starters in when the game had already gotten out of hand. At one point, Leach put some of his starters back in to preserve a shut out and stuff Idaho at the goal line. The former Texas Tech coach had little to say about the exchange after the game.

“That would be strictly between he and I, so anything said between us would be private,” Leach said. “So we’ll leave it at that.”

It was pretty obvious that part of that private conversation included Leach giving Petrino a nice, “F— you.” Blowouts are common in college football. You can’t really blame Leach for wanting to preserve the shutout and improve his team’s bowl resume, just as you can’t blame Petrino for being angry after a 42-0 loss. If we learned anything from these two NFL head coaches a couple years back, it’s that postgame handshakes don’t have to be cordial.


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