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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mike Leach signs book with reference to Craig James hooker rumor (Photo)

There’s a (likely false but nonetheless hilarious) Internet meme out there perpetuated by college football trolls that alleges former ESPN tool bag and soon-to-be failed Senate candidate Craig James killed five hookers during his playing days at SMU. Evidently, James’ arch enemy Mike Leach is in on the joke, too.

As you see in the above photo, Leach signed a copy of his book, “Swing Your Sword,” to somebody with the transcription, “CJK5H,” an apparent reference to the Craig James Killed Five Hookers gag. James, of course, allegedly had a role in Leach losing his job at Texas Tech after James’ son Adam was reportedly placed in a utility closet after suffering a concussion during practice despite Leach’s own insistence that he had no part in the incident. Leach is now about to start his first season at Washington State.

And, in case you had doubts as to whether Leach himself wrote the “CJK5H,” Deadspin has confirmed its authenticity, thus also confirming Leach’s awesomeness.

H/T Awful Announcing
Photo via Mark Ennis

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