NCAA expected to hit Penn State with ‘unprecedented penalties’ but not death penalty

Amid the hoopla surrounding Penn State’s inevitable removal of the Joe Paterno statue Sunday morning and the Paterno family’s amusingly ironic statement, are reports that the NCAA will drop the hammer on the university on Monday for its egregious conduct in handling the Jerry Sandusky scandal, as outlined in the Freeh Report.

A press conference is scheduled for Monday morning in which NCAA president Mark Emmert is expected to announce “corrective and punitive measures” against Penn State. Multiple reports say the school will avoid being slapped with the crippling “death penalty,” which would have shut down the football program for at least a year. But, according to CNN, the degree of Penn State’s punishment is expected to be harsh, with the school receiving “significant, unprecedented penalties” that are “well beyond what has been done in the past.”

ESPN adds that the penalties will be so severe that Penn State might as well wish it were getting the death penalty. It’s still not clear what the NCAA’s punishments will entail but loss of scholarships and bowl games are likely to be included.

Given that the entire cover up by Penn State officials was designed to protect the football program, some argued that it would only be right for the school to lose the football team via the death penalty, if the NCAA were to act at all (which wasn’t a given). While others might have considered that to be too harsh of a punishment and unfair to the players and coaches (and even other athletic programs at the school that leech off the revenue football brings in) who had nothing to do with the scandal, the NCAA does have a tendency to punish those who are far from being at fault. Anyway, come Monday we’ll see if the death penalty advocates will be satisfied with whatever hammer Emmert decides to drop.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4SLSS7U6M6U3G4EGML3Y2WZPSI Judy

    Where does the NCAA fit in ? What NCAA rules did Penn State break ? Who are they punishing ? Paterno, Spanier, Shultz, Curley, Sanduskey ? How about the players and the new coach. The businesses. You know the Big 10 is talking about wanting the power to fire college coaches. This is such a sham. It is all about the money. Protecting the brand. How is this going to help the abused ?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4SLSS7U6M6U3G4EGML3Y2WZPSI Judy

    You seriously want to clean up college football ? Take the money out of it. It is an amateur sport league in name only right now. Make the feeder leagues a business and leave college truly amateur. This is all a farce. It’s about who will have the power over the money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephan.may.3 Stephan May

    REAd the ***damn****   NCAA Codes & Rules!!!!!   stop blabbering like a fool. ANY school wanting to be enrolled in NCAA qualifications have to FOLLOW ****Fkn***  RULES & CODES

    PED STATE  & PATERNO  DIDN’T !!!!    Wake T-F  UP !! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephan.may.3 Stephan May

    P.S.  The kids were ABUSED & ASSAULTED because of these *****f’n**** slobs who DIDN’T DO WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED  –  based on basic decency  as well as  NCAA participation RULES!     RULES!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IQFHYCFLBSLORTFU45PGFMY2XE Jim

    Giving PENN STATE the “death penalty” is not the morale or ethical decision to be made by the NCAA President.  Are there sanctions that should be applied to Penn State for the 2013 season, yes I would have to agree.  But, only in the terms of scholorships and Bowl appearances.  The NCAA needs to consider many things before leveling the football program.  First and foremost, the Penn State Program, as well as all college programs, produce over 90% of the players to become better individuals, can institue Team aspects in all walks of business, not just football.  The opportunity to be part of an established college positions all members to know and understand priorities, self-confidence, structure and discipline.  All these aspects are needed in today’s society to be a motiveable, strong individual that our Country is lacking.  The “death penalty” is not the correct decision, as this will tarnish all that are or have been part of the University.  How about the good things the University has accomplished, i.e. the students, and football players, THON, the largest student run program, only Program in the NCAA  that rasies over $8MM a year to the Children’s Cancer Association.  I ask the President of the NCAA, have you ever visitied PA and rain or shine seen students standing at street intersections asking for any type of contribution to support THON.  I beleive you have not, and that in itself is a sad issue, as the football players are part of this effort to support a program that is so important to this society.  Take it all away, and you will do more harm than any scholarship or Bowl game could ever be more important.
    Mr. President of the NCAA, I personally request you consider ALL the circumstances besides a football team upon your decision.
    To the entire PATERNO family, my heart and prayers have and will always go out for you.  You are the best of the best, morally and ethically, and have developed many young men into successful leaders in this Country.  Please be proud of this, as it is far more important than a statue being removed or whatever sanctions are leveled on THE PENN STATE UNIVERITY.  You are still #1 in my heart.  Mr.and Mrs. Paterno stood for more than football.  Both pledge their hearts into a University they beleived in solid academics first and foremost.  The Paternos built a library/student study area at the college so they could contribute to the excellent academic program, that was always first in Mr.Paterno’s structure, not football, because WE ARE PENN STATE!!!!
    I am requesting Mr. President of the NCAA, to consider all aspects of PENN STATE before you make an unjustifiable decision that will take decades to rebuild.  This is not all about football, it is about morales, ethics, and sound decision making.  Therefore, I personally request not to levy the “Death Penalty” to Penn State’s football program, and take into consideration of the consequenses you will have to live with the rest of your life.

    Mr. Sandusky, you are the lowest of the lowest, the scum on the bottom of the barrel, and I have no pity or respect for you, your wife, or your family.  What you have done to icons in academics and the sport of football, a Universitry, students and football players are unforgivable, and nontolerable.  You have done nothing to protect the innocence of your victims, or the University that you were once part of.  All you have done, is try to protect yourself, when you know in your heart, you committed a very sinful act and disgraced young individuals that put their trust in you.  Pardon my language, but I hope you, your wife and family rot in HELL.  That above all would be the best justice that could come out of all of this.  You, your wife, and family, are a disgrace to society forever.

    Jim De Koch
    McKinney, Texas   

  • SpinMax

    That’s the answer, punish a bunch of 18-19yr old kids for something that administrators did or didn’t do a decade ago.  F the corrupt NCAA picking and choosing who to punish. Next week one of their athletes will get arrested for beating up his girlfriend…and they won’t do anything. This is a criminal matter, not a football matter.