NCAA could suspend Johnny Manziel two games in compromise scenario

Johnny Manziel OVO DrakeThe best case scenario for Johnny Manziel is that the NCAA finds no concrete evidence that links him to accepting money in exchange for autographs. In order for Manziel to be suspended for any significant period of time, investigators would have to find a paper trail connecting him to autograph brokers.

However, there is also the possibility that Manziel and the NCAA could reach some sort of compromise — a plea deal so the speak. USA Today spoke with John Infante, a former university compliance officer and founder of The Bylaw Blog, earlier this week and he speculated that Manziel could be given a reduced suspension in exchange for information.

The idea would be to punish Manziel without derailing Texas A&M’s entire season. If he missed two games, he would return in time for the Aggies’ big showdown against Alabama on Sept. 14. By offering Manziel “limited immunity,” the NCAA would require him to provide information on how the autograph process worked so they have a better idea of how to prevent it in the future.

“You can say (Manziel) ‘admitted to it, he gave us information and helped the larger effort, so we wanted to send the message that we were rewarding him’ for helping,” Infante explained.

Infante’s scenario remains unlikely, but it would make sense on some level. He pointed out how Auburn’s situation with Cam Newton in 2010 made the NCAA look bad since everyone assumed Newton was guilty but the circumstantial evidence was insufficient.

The accusations against Manziel are piling up by the day. One broker even listed specifics about how much he allegedly paid Manziel, but NCAA investigators still have their work cut out for them. Unless someone can find the actual money that was exchanged, Manziel may have little to worry about.

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  • Billy__Goat

    Mark my words: The NCAA won’t do a thing and if they do it will be after the Bama game.. That was the game that put him on the map and the hype for that game is a cash cow for everyone involved!

  • Gotta call you out

    so, there’s not actually any information here at all, is there? Just complete, total regurgitation of speculation?

  • BuckeyeRabbit

    The NCAA uses a double standard when the eye of their investigation focuses on any SEC college. Lets face it Manziel, has enough substantial evidence focusing on autographs for profit, as well as under age drinking not to mention his unprofessional image. Hey NCAA – Is this the image of a college athlete that you consider as a standard?

    Manziel is likely to get a two game suspension for his violations. Would some one tell me what the hell is the difference of one college player being paid extra money for a job and another being paid money for signing autographs……give up- the answer is what conference those players come from. Two years ago, the NCAA laid down harsh punishment on several Ohio State Buckeyes and then added additional weeks for players for receiving addition pay. Now Manziel is going to maybe get a two game suspension for his above listed violations. This is wrong, this shows how bias the NCAA is towards certain conferences and looks the other way when it comes to the SEC

    Hey NCAA, wipe the brown spot off your nose!!!!