Nebraska Deserved 76 Points on Them

I had a caller over the weekend crying on the phone because Nebraska got blown out by Kansas Saturday. How could they dare hang 76 on his beloved Cornhuskers, he whined? Well, on the same weekend that Notre Dame suffered the ultimate form of disappointment — losing to Navy at home for the first time since the effing Revolutionary War — another team got the proper dose of medicine it deserved. Nebraska, the biggest culprit when it came to running up the score and embarrassing its opponents throughout the mid-90s, got a 76 spot hung on them by the Kansas Jayhawks. Yes, the same proud basketball school which might not even score 76 in a given hoops game, rang up a 76 on Nebraska, and it was beautiful.

This is the same Nebraska powerhouse that went 8-0 against KU in the 90s under Tom Osborne, outscoring the Jayhawks by a 454-86 margin. They slapped Kansas around 63-7 in 1996 and probably never thought twice about it. That same ’96 season, Arizona State avenged an embarrassing 77-28 loss the previous year in Lincoln with a 19-0 Jake Plummer special in Tempe. It might take more than a decade, but what goes around obviously comes around. Getting crushed 76-39 by Kansas — a former laughingstock of college football — is unheard of in the Big 12 world. It was well-deserved and well overdue. Welcome to 4-6 hell Nebraska. Sucks to be down, doesn’t it?

(Photo Courtesy Charlie Riedel/AP)

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  • http://pointguardu.com nick

    i think KU just scored again!!!

  • http://obscuresportsquarterly.wordpress.com Gilbert

    Great point. If you run up on the score on someone, you can’t complain when they do it to you.

  • jeff

    husker fan checking in here… didn’t look like KU ran up the score to me, considering they only scored one touchdown n the 4th. could have been much worse. That 96 game you reference was similar… 56-7 after 3

  • http://extrapolater.com Extra P.

    I am a KU grad, and I wrote on my blog that it’s hard to have sympathy on a school that has beat your team hollow in 36 out of 38 games played since the year of one’s birth.

    Add to that the effrontery of them hiring a Raiders coach, and there will be no sympathy forthcoming.

  • http://theshipofools.blogspot.com WCT

    I think you are burying the lead here – you “had a caller over the weekend??”

    Do you have a radio show we don’t know about?

  • Dan

    Yes, Nebraska put some pretty big numbers on opponents back in the Osborne days.

    But they didn’t do it the way someone like Spurrier did. Nebraska didn’t throw the ball. They ran the ball, with the second and third string running backs. I hated it when people got pissed that they put up like 90 points on Pacific. They ran the ball! They ran the clock out! As every other team does, they just happened to be exceptionally good at running. You’re just happy a team that used to bury low-quality teams is now a low-quality team.

  • Troy

    Nebraska might have been running up the score back then if they did it passing with the 1st team in. Instead they ran the ball with the 3rd and 4th string in and would still plow down the field. Nebraska would try to run out the clock and score a TD. Sorry but you can’t start kneeling in the 3rd quarter.

  • http://www.mostlysemantics.com The Maestro

    As a former KU student, I don’t think it’s so much that KU needed/wanted to run up the score on Nebraska as payback. It was more to send a message to KU’s own players and fans (and the poll voters) that this team was for real. Sure, scoring 62 on Louisiana State is great, but hanging 76 on a team with as much history as Nebraska – even in a down year – is a real statement that you’re a “real” football team finally.

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  • love2446

    It does my heart good to hear Huskers fans
    whine. The “classy” fans are even turning
    on their own players now. It’s easy to be
    classy when you’re beating everyone by 5
    or 6 tds. Show some class now and stop

  • Fan

    Your website sucks balls. Your horrible at writing articles and worse at backing up your stats. Go wax your pubes douche bag.

  • Gene

    You guys who said Nebraska never passed to run up a score better check out how they went from 70 to 77 in the 4th quarter of the Arizona State game.

    That last touchdown on a pass was the big reason they were eating bagels on their visit to Tempe the following season.

    What goes around, comes around.

  • Gene

    Hey Fan, your comment was as classless as your grammar was poor. When you learn how to read and write and communicate properly, you will probably learn that a douche is not a brand of mouthwash!!!

  • Drew

    Larry Brown sounds as biased as the people who announce the game on any given network. Listen to the ABC people who call it and you can tell that they WANT Nebraska to lose. Yes, nebraska used to run the score up, and occasionally they would in fact pass the ball in the fourth- but with a fourth string quarterback who didn’t acutally play the position. I can remeber about five years ago when they trounced Baylor in Waco and they put a WR in as QB, had him throw the ball once, and it was a TD. So Larry, the next time you revel in a former powerhouse’s decline, remember, what goes around DOES come around. And i hope that YOU don’t bitch when nebraska scores over 100 next time they have the chance.

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