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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ohio State coach Ed Warinner takes funny shots at Michigan, Brady Hoke

Ed Warriner Urban Meyer

Ohio State assistant coach Ed Warinner (pictured above winking at Urban Meyer following a Carlos Hyde touchdown run) is now a known man in Michigan, and it’s all thanks to a couple of funny shots he took at the Wolverines and their coach, Brady Hoke.

Warinner, the co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach for the Buckeyes, spoke at the team’s annual Spring Kickoff event on Tuesday. According to Buckeyes reporter Marcus Hartman, Warinner hit Hoke with a zinger while speaking to the Buckeyes crowd:

Now that is classic. I don’t even know how Michigan fans could be upset over that line — it’s just too darn funny.

But Warinner wasn’t done with the one-liners!


This dude’s a comedian!

Keep in mind that Warinner was speaking at essentially a pep rally, so we shouldn’t get too carried away about the comments, just like we didn’t when Hoke said Notre Dame was chickening out of their series with Michigan.

Not even Hoke seemed bothered by the comments when asked about them.

“The one thing around here, we always try to stay in between the lines,” Hoke said of Warinner’s comments Thursday morning on 1050-AM WTKA’s Michigan Insider. “That’s important with how you handle your program.”

At least he made light of it. But for now, the offseason zinger scoreboard reads just like the result from football: Ohio State gets the win.

Photo via Twitter/GerdOzone

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