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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Ole Miss fan got pregnant celebrating upset win over Alabama

Heather Callihan pregnant

People often joke about women getting pregnant after major sporting events because they and their mates are so happy, and apparently that is no joke for one Ole Miss fan.

Ole Miss fan Heather Callihan is going viral for the outstanding photo she took explaining how she ended up pregnant with what will be her third child.

Ole Miss pulled the 23-17 home upset against Alabama on Oct. 4, meaning Callihan should be about seven months pregnant now. So when half the fans were parading up and down the streets carrying the goalposts, Callihan was doing something else. Let’s just hope that 20 years down the line she won’t be doing a TV interview making comments like this woman.

Awesome photo, Heather, and congratulations on your pregnancy!

H/T Red Cup Rebellion, Hotty Toddy News
Photo: Facebook/Heather Callihan

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