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Monday, April 23, 2018

Tim Tebow Cried After Loss to Alabama

For the second straight year it was Alabama against Florida in the SEC championship game. Last year, Florida got the win and then they went on to win the national championship. This year, Bama got revenge and at 13-0, they’ll have a chance to win the national title next month. The downside to sporting events is that there’s always a winner and a loser (with the exception of a tie). Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow got emotional following his team’s loss to Bama because he and his team didn’t accomplish their ultimate goal this year. The result was Tim Tebow crying after the game:

They even showed Tebow crying on the sidelines prior to the game ending in addition to the tears we saw in his postgame interview. Tebow is catching a lot of flack from the haters who are calling him a baby, whiner, bitch, and many worse things. My problem has always been the way the media fawned all over Tebow, not Tebow himself. The guy was classy in defeat, highly complimentary of his opponent, and overall a wonderful sportsman. I thought his emotions were genuine and the product of him being so disappointed that he and his team did not achieve the goals they worked so hard for. I feel badly for the guy and I’m glad they’ll have a BCS bowl game next month to try and go out on the right note.

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