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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

WKU coach Willie Taggart calls out fans for wearing Kentucky blue on campus

With a big rivalry game upcoming against Kentucky, one would think Western Kentucky students would be wearing their red proudly on campus throughout the week. Blue should be an off-limits apparel choice if only for this week, but word has it that has not been the case. And WKU head coach Willie Taggart is not happy about it.

“Yeah it bothers me any day, not just because it’s UK week,” Taggart said Monday according to the College Heights Herald. “It’s just, it’s not good. Whether it’s respect or not it’s just—It don’t make a lot of sense. You know, you wear another school’s shirt, jersey, whatever it is, and you don’t go to school there. That makes no sense at all. Everybody wears it and I hear people ask them why they do it and the reason they’re at WKU is probably they couldn’t get into UK.”

Probably not a smart thing to say. As Deadspin mentioned, the state of Kentucky is filled with young men and women who have been UK fans since birth. For many of them, that won’t change simply because they attend another college in the same state. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they were unable to get into UK and WKU was a fallback plan. And even if it was the case, that’s not for their head football coach to say. Taggart later apologized on Twitter.

“My earlier comments were intended to suggest that WKU students who wear UK apparel this week are not showing allegiance to our athletic program and football team in a week where we need everyone’s support,” Taggart wrote. “WKU students consistently chase greatness and catch excellence, and we are all very proud of that. I should have stated this more clearly, and I apologize to any of our students who think I may have meant otherwise. I love all of you!”

We all make mistakes. A win would be the easiest way for Taggart to make everyone forget about his.

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