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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Car Bumps Juan Antonio Flecha, Cyclists off Road at Tour de France (Video)

Whoever is driving the following car is definitely a nominee for moron of the year.  Why they have automobiles driving this close to cyclists is in itself a mystery.  There is enough danger involved with the contestants riding so close to each other, let alone allowing media vehicles to buzz around them in the meantime.  We have seen some crazy stuff happen at the Tour de France like this fight or this headbutt, but this definitely has to be one of the scariest moments.  Check out this video of a car bumping Juan Antonio Flecha at the Tour de France:

The cyclist who went crashing through the fence, Johnny Hoogerland, may have gotten the worst of the crash considering the fence was made of barbed wire.  Fortunately, neither rider was seriously injured.  There is still no debating that that is an accident that should not happen.  Here’s a pretty good picture of the crash from CNN International.

And here’s a more gruesome look at Johnny Hoogerland’s leg after the barbed wire got him, courtesy of Reuters via Sportsfeeder1:

Wow. Someone has to pay, and it should be the person who drove the car.

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