Bills fan who fell from upper deck lost job, banned from stadium, could face charges

Bills fan falls

Just in case you’re ever thinking about sliding down the railing in the upper deck at your favorite team’s stadium, remember that there might be consequences.

Rob Hopkins, the Buffalo Bills fan who fell over the railing of the 300 Level at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday and landed on a fan sitting below in the 200 Level, lost his job, has been banned from the stadium and could face criminal charges, per WKBW.

While Hopkins sustained a shoulder injury, the person he landed on complained of a head injury. The Bills announced on Monday that Hopkins would be banned from the stadium.

“The irresponsible behavior that occurred at yesterday’s game by the fan who fell from the upper deck is a violation of our Fan Code of Conduct and cannot, and will not, be tolerated. This individual will not be permitted back into Ralph Wilson Stadium.”

Hopkins worked for Eric Mower + Associates in Buffalo. They put out a statement saying Hopkins is no longer employed by them.

“EMA is very concerned about Sunday’s incident at the Buffalo Bills’ game and we are relieved that the injured were released from the hospital. Rob Hopkins is no longer employed by EMA.”

WKBW says Hopkins could face criminal charges, but they did not specify what the charges might be.

Below is video of the incident:

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  • chas territo

    This ass deserves more than just a ban and losing his job! Criminal charges with the following disposition of a fine, court cost and a lot of community service hours. Judges give out 50 hours most times, this time more than 100 should be added to this fools time.I don’t know if what he might be charged with has jail time or not, but if it does, there is more he can and should get! He hurts true responsible fans more than himself!! GO BILLS!!

  • brianshannon

    I’d like to see this guy do some community service if charged with anything…I mean jail time would be a it extreme to me. He did a bone headed thing, no question about it but he’s lost his job, banned from the stadium and who knows what he will have to pay in legal fees once this guy sues him. Charging him with something is appropriate but jail time isn’t.

  • Gail M

    I hope the man who sustained the head injury sues this idiot!

  • johnsnare

    This dumbass fool should be sued. Not only did he endanger himself, but fans sitting in the lower deck. Perhaps, the professional sports network, should take a serious look at the alcohol situation in all arenas and stadiums. We know they enjoy a large revenue from the sale of alcoholic beverages, but in this day and age, with the tailgate group who are totally smashed, before they enter the stadium, and the inside boozers, is it any wonder we have not had more negative incidents. I did not renew my New York Jets season tickets for this same reason. I enjoy the games in the comfort and safety of my family room. Been there and done dat.

  • chas territo

    Suing this asshole sounds like a plan that wont work.Sue nothing ,get nothing. It might work if he has assets to forfeit. Does he? Probably not. Think about it, most people who have things cherish them don’t they? You can do the math I assume?? GO BILLS!!

  • Chip Chipperson

    LOL, what an asshole.

  • Chuck Davis

    What a douche.

  • Max Rodgers

    Drunken idiot was trying to slide down the banister. He was drunk.and had no sense of balance. Moron.