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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Jamie McCourt Slurs Jews, Embarrasses Herself with Idiotic Comment

Although I was quite aware that Jamie McCourt is delusional and living in a fantasy world, I had no idea that she was this mindless. Seriously. Calling herself the “face of the Dodgers” was bad enough and indicative of the breadth of her knowledge, but the remarks she got off on Monday take it to a whole new level of despicability. Here’s what Jamie McCourt said at a Women’s Voices Luncheon, referring to her pending divorce from Frank McCourt:

“I do keep saying, ‘I’m Jewish. I can be bought,'” she jokingly said to a reception of laughter and applause. “But he likes litigation. We’ll see what happens.”

I’m not quite sure what Jamie is, but whatever she is I don’t want to be included in the same category. I do know that Jamie speaks for herself and that her comments make her look like a money-hungry, utter fool. Check that — we already knew from Jamie’s million-dollar-a-month spousal support demands that she was all about the money — this remark only confirms it. What’s worse is that Jamie wasn’t content letting her pathetic views on life speak for herself; she had to speak for the rest of the Jewish people instead. Let me just say that putting a price tag on dignity is an individual choice and has nothing to do with culture or religion. It has everything to do with character. Quite obviously Jamie has little of that. Ditto the people in attendance who found her remark to be humorous. I’m quite surprised her marriage to Frank didn’t last; they seemed like a perfect fit.

Jamie McCourt doesn’t hold back [OC Register]

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