Michael Strahan reportedly joining ‘Good Morning America’

Michael StrahanMichael Strahan has become so popular since joining Kelly Ripa as co-host of “Live with Kelly and Michael” that he has reportedly landed himself another gig. According to the NY Post, Strahan will soon be joining the cast of ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The plan is for Strahan to appear on the show a few days a week while still continuing his work alongside Ripa. The Hall of Famer has been in negotiations with the producers of “GMA” for months and an announcement is expected to come this week. Former “GMA” host Josh Elliot recently left the show abruptly to join NBC Sports after an ugly contract dispute, but Strahan was reportedly negotiating his new deal before that happened.

Surprised? Neither are we. Strahan, a New York Giants legend, was one of the most popular players in the NFL during his 15-year career. The television world has embraced him just the same.

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  • Baron Samedy

    It’s ok to hire white people for talk shows. I know that’s so 1985, but white people do have opinions and can form sentences also. The entire panel for CBS NCAA Basketball is now black, what if they were all white – I guarantee they wouldn’t be allowed on the air. Let’s drop the white guilt – I’ve never owned a slave, I’m not the enemy.

  • Arsen Dadyan

    wtf is this guy below me talking about?