Marcus Vick went ballistic over the George Zimmerman verdict

Marcus Vick is known for sharing strong opinions over Twitter, and nothing elicited a stronger reaction from the former Virginia Tech quarterback than the acquittal of George Zimmerman on Saturday.

Vick started off simply by saying there was no justice done in the case.

Vick then compared the outcome — Zimmerman being acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin — to his brother, Michael, going to prison for running an illegal dog fighting operation:

Marcus Vick George Zimmerman tweet

Vick continued to compare the Zimmerman outcome to other situations:

Vick then said the outcome of the trial is justification for him to start carrying a gun for protection:

After that Vick just got completely personal with Zimmerman. It got ugly:

Marcus Vick George Zimmerman tweets

Vick did make some good points, but he got way too carried away. And I’ll also continue to say that introducing more guns to the streets, like Vick wants, will only make things worse.

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  • Mytemp420

    Coach Beamer and the Virginia Tech family must really be proud of this former student’s grasp of the English language.

  • JV 2000

    it’s the internet…grammar doesn’t really matter.Get with the times. Focus on what’s more important, the content. He is expressing himself, that’s what twitter is for. And guess what, you understood him didn’t you or were you too busy fussing over the grammar?

  • Anthony Cracolice

    Where the hell were his “good points?” All I saw was a sharp racial focus and pouting. Plaxico had illegal weapon. Dogs did not start fights and were tortured outside of their contests. Zimmerman did not start a fight. Following is not illegal. He actually stitched together an emotional screed, absent a single rational point

  • Anthony Cracolice

    Just because you choose to water down the language you expect the rest of us to go along? Manure. That’s why our society is sliding down the drain. No one cares to sweat the details. Nothing Vick said makes sense, grammar aside. He’s a moron.

  • Chad Burke

    What a worthless piece of garbage. Not a coherent thought in the bunch. It’s called responsibility. Zimmerman took it for his meighborhood’s safety. The Vicks have never taken any. And good luck getting a CCL with all your felonies, but you wouldn’t bother with that anyway.