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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Story about Blake Griffin beating up Justin Bieber just a hoax

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We sure seem to be spending a lot of time these days separating fact from fiction because so many people are getting fooled by fake stories created by satirical websites. The latest story comes from another one of these such sites, and it’s a fake story about Blake Griffin supposedly beating up a disrespectful Justin Bieber at a Starbucks in West Hollywood. Keep in mind this story comes from the same site whose current headlines include a story about Michael Jordan making a third comeback and Brett Favre coming back to the NFL.

The Bieber-Blake Griffin story is actually pretty funny, which is probably why so many people have enjoyed it and probably wished it were true. The fake story says that Bieber was refused service at a Starbucks in West Hollywood because he wasn’t wearing a shirt and was sagging his pants. Bieber supposedly snapped in anger over being refused service. Fortunately for everyone, Griffin happened to be at the same Starbucks at the same time and stepped in to help the situation. After his attempts to calm down Bieber didn’t work, Blake supposedly smacked the Biebs. Then the Biebs supposedly fled the scene before police arrived.

The story even got a boost from Chris Kaman, who tweeted this on Monday:

But he did toss this in a few minutes later:

Funny story, would be great if it were true, but alas it’s as fake as Kim Kardashian’s behind. Sorry to ruin the fun. Now, the stories about Bieber getting turned away from Super Bowl parties and getting arrested for DUI are actually true.

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