Kim Kardashian looking like a Beyonce clone

Kim Kardashian Instagram

Kim Kardashian posted a selfie on Instagram this week that pretty much set the internet on fire. And like everything that comes to Kim, people are sharing their opinions.

You have some people complaining that Kim shouldn’t be posting revealing pictures now that she’s a mother. You have some saying that she looks great for a woman who just gave birth. You have others jealous of her body and saying that she has too much back.

But that’s not what concerns us.

After seeing the now-infamous butt-selfie Kim posted, I took a look at her Instagram account and couldn’t believe what I saw. Apparently I totally missed that Kimmie dyed her hair, changed her lip and skin color, and styled herself to look like Beyonce. I mean this girl is a straight Beyonce clone now. Tell me you don’t see it:

Kim Kardashian Beyonce

When I sent that picture to Del, he thought it was Beyonce. I had to take a second look to make sure who it was.

What a knockoff.

Kim Kardashian Beyonce

Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian 1, 2

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  • iyekamara

    I was thinking the same thing Kim trying to look more and more like bey

  • james gray

    Beyonce, you deserve if you don’t already have one a Star on The Walk Of Fame and not that gross Kim!

  • motorcityqt

    ABSOLUTELY! That’s exactly what I said when I saw these pictures.

  • Crickett

    I agree.

  • sheknows

    I said the same thing earlier this week.

  • Samwise

    THANK YOU!!!! Kim you can try and try but the fact remains Bey has something you will never be able to fix or enhance TALENT.