Little kid snubbed on handshake by Jack Nicholson has saddest reaction (Video)

Man, Jack Nicholson is just generating all sorts of negative vibes. First, the Lakers’ most notable fan goes out and attends a playoff game for the rival Clippers. Nobody likes a frontrunner, Jack. And then he goes out there and does this?

Oh man, Jack, you are just killing the karma right about now. Did you see the defeated look on the poor kid’s face?

Jack Nicholson kid handshake

Here’s the GIF:

H/T Lana

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  • AntRodrigues

    OK now that I seen the video….. First things first just becasue Jack attended a Clipper playoff game that does not mean he switched teams…. And can you confirm that he even saw the kid in the first place trying to shake hands with him?

  • “D”

    (I agree with you, AntRodrigues.) In addition, with the virus “MERS” already spreading (possibly by means of only a handshake…if you’ve been listening to the news in the past few days), …can you blame any celebrity for skipping the handshakes? Besides, lower immunity is a part of the aging process. Why should he expose himself to all of that? (Not saying this boy has that virus, but let’s face it, the public is a ‘walking petri dish’.) So even if he did pretend to not see the young boy’s hand, I can’t say that I blame him. I think it’s disgusting that some (probably immature) media person should try to tear down the reputation of this enormously talented and accomplished actor who has brought a great deal of enjoyment to the public for so many years. And if he wants to attend ANY sporting event, that’s his business! Give him the respect (and space) he deserves. And that goes for all the other celebrities as well…who deserve to have a private life just like the rest of us. (Frankly, I think the young boy should have just handed Mr. Nicholson something to sign and left it at that. But it probably was his parent who encouraged him in the first place to try to shake his hand. If you look at many other public events with celebrities, there is very little (if any) “full handshaking” going on with the public. If the celebrity initiates the handshake, that’s an entirely different story.)