LLWS umpire has the greatest strike call known to mankind (Video)

The umpire who worked home plate in the Little League World Series game between Australia and Puerto Rico may be my favorite person on the planet right now. If you want to know how to call a strike, just ask this guy.

That type of raw enthusiasm proves that this gentleman deserves to be calling games for kids. The batter may have been terrified the first time he heard it, but I’m sure everyone grew to love the passion by the end of the game. And if the strike call wasn’t for you, take a look at the way he fired the ball back to the pitcher’s mound.

Find me a bigger boss than this guy.

Thanks to Barstool Sports for the videos

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  • Arsenious_Maximus

    if you let the video play in loop, it sounds like a remix. the best part was the little batters facial expression.

  • Bruce

    He used to coach me in little league back in canadia. intense dude

  • Kathy Bonner

    His name is Nick Bonnar!! From Glace Bay Cape Breton NS

  • John M

    Nick definitely deserves to ump at the LLWS. I remember his umping little league when I was a kid and I am 35.

  • fungo88

    No reason for the overblown, cartoonish mechanics. Was he the same guy blowing calls at first the day before, with the same sort of theatrical calls? He may indeed be a great guy, and a fabulous local umpire in Canada, but………

  • Jason Peach

    Actually Fungo its the first time he was ever an umpire at the LLWS so it was not him. Get your facts straight before you make accusations you idiot.

  • james

    Hey fungus, y dont u give it a try an umpire, Criticism from peanut galleries like u r never listened to. u can criricize with ur mouth or excuse me words, So shut it an try it.. A umpire with a lot of conviction to the Blue. so blow it out ur ear..

  • fungo88

    Easy there, Jimmy. I’ve been a LL umpire instructor for 10 years now, and I’m fairly confident I know good mechanics from bad. Those were way over the top, for any level of baseball, much less a kids game.

  • fungo88

    Jason, it’s everyone’s first, and last time umpiring a LLWS game, as you only get one shot at Williamsport. Oh, it was him, all right. If he were from a Western Region, he wouldn’t have got a District plate with moves like that. I guess that’s the difference between well trained, and we’ll reward someone who’s done it a long time. The LLWS used to be a “thank you” and gold watch for guys with many years of service. Then WP was getting embarrassed by some of the older fellas on the field, and started getting more selective. What they really need to do is review some video tape BEFORE they get some of these knuckleheads in ESPN.

  • james

    Nick has umpired all his life that way , n no1 not even the kids don’t mind.. it, shows energy n enthusiasm & always in the game. I feel sorry for any of the umpires u instructed, they needed some1 desperately to fill the position of ump director. so u were there. I also umpired a # of years. I myself am loud & vocal.. each umpire has their own way, you just don’t like the idea of a Canadian ump, let alone from a small town, comin in ur territory & showing u how to do it the right way… take lessons fung & then u may call urself an Umpire…