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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Man Throws Club and Hits Another Golfer, Gets Two Years in Jail

Unless you are the most level-headed casual golfer on the face of the planet, you have undoubtedly become enraged before during a round of golf.  People handle anger in different ways while out on the golf course.  Some swear while others scream.  Some slam the ground with their club while others throw their ball into the woods.  Then there are those who throw clubs, which is never a good idea.

An Australian man named Daniel Patrick Betts was recently sentenced to two years in prison after he threw his golf club in frustration and struck another golfer in the head, leaving him paralyzed.  As our friends at Sportress of Blogitude shared with us, via the Courier Mail,  Dane Parvianen was a member of Betts’ foursome and is now unable to work, read, or write.

While Betts deserves to go to prison and obviously needs to learn to control his anger, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel sorry for him.  Throwing his club was an absolute bonehead move, but there’s no way he intended to hit one someone in the head with the it.  Sometimes emotions get the best of a person and they just react.  We have even seen it on the PGA Tour before.  This is just one of those freak accidents that is terrible for all those involved, but a reminder that bad things happen when you do dumb things.

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