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Monday, June 25, 2018

Maryland Lacrosse Pulls Off Hidden Ball Trick (Video)

Lacrosse is certainly not the most popular sport in America and we’re very much aware of that. However, when amazing plays happen we have no choice but to give the lax bros a little respect.  Since the hidden ball trick is one of the most difficult but respected stunts to pull off in the sporting world, we thought we’d give Grant Catalino and Brian Farrell of the Maryland lacrosse team the credit they deserve for executing it.  Check out the Maryland lacrosse hidden ball trick video, courtesy of LacrossePlayground.com. Watch out for some NSFW language at the end of the clip.

Are we sure they didn’t use two balls to pull that off?  That’s definitely one of those videos you have to watch multiple times to even figure out what happened.  For that we salute you, oh mighty lax brodies.

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