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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Paul the Octopus Memorial Statue Draws Quite the Crowd

Paul the Octopus rose to celebrity prominence during the World Cup when the cephalopod correctly picked the outcome of all seven of Germany’s matches, not to mention the final won by Spain. He developed quite the following for doing something as simple as extending tentacles to grab a mussel, but the poor creature went tormented rock star on everyone and croaked at the height of his popularity. No worries though, the eight-armed German with a wikipedia page longer than Boris Becker’s, was memorialized Thursday at the Sea Life Center where his tank was located. Tell me these antics don’t make you sick:

It’s just a damn octopus!! Yeah it was kind of a cool story while the World Cup was going on, but you’re really telling me that’s the best way to spend your time and money? I’m not sure what’s worse, this, or Rocky getting inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. It’s close.

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