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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Price is Right contestant suffers ankle injury spinning the wheel (Video)

Game shows like “The Price is Right” may be nerve-wracking, but we wouldn’t exactly call them sports. After some of the injuries we have witnessed this week, however, you could certainly argue that there are physical risks involved with joining Drew Carey up on stage.

On Tuesday, a contestant named Judy on “The Price is Right” suffered a nasty-looking ankle injury while she was spinning the wheel. Here’s a still shot of the moment where the injury took place:


That cannot have felt good. Judy received medical attention and was given some crutches, but she stayed on to compete in the Showcase Showdown before being taken to the hospital for treatment. She lost, but she managed to show everyone that she’s a ferocious competitor. We hope she gets well soon.

As Barstool Sports pointed out, this is actually the second scary injury we have seen on “The Price is Right” this week while a contestant was spinning the wheel. On Monday, a woman accidentally cranked herself in the head.

Two casualties in one week? Playoff fever really is in the air — not just for NFL fans.

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