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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

If You’re Going to Rob a Hotel, Make Sure MMA Fighters Aren’t Staying There

Turns out having mixed martial arts and/or wrestling experience can come in handy during real life. You may recall in August when we told you about the Delgado sisters — two collegiate wrestlers that used their moves to take down a hit-and-run suspect. Then in March, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Bones Jones subdued a robber before his fight against Shogun Rua. And last week, a couple of MMA experts were able to thwart a robbery attempt at a Los Angeles hotel by using some jiu-jitsu.

Check out the news report:

Always have to watch out for that rear naked choke. If you’re not prepared to defend it, it’s going to get you every time.

Love the story, but one quick question: If they were attending a convention in Long Beach, what the heck were they doing staying at a hotel in downtown LA? Good thing these guys are better with fighting than they are with maps.

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