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Saturday, June 23, 2018

School counselor in trouble for shaving off student’s Miami Heat haircut

Every year we seem to have a story about a student getting into trouble for wearing a sports-themed haircut to school. That happened again last week, only this time a school official also got in trouble.

A counselor at Harns Marsh Middle nearby Fort Meyers, Fla., is in trouble for using hair clippers to shave the head of 11-year-old student Danny Valdes. Valdes was placed in in-school suspension because school officials deemed his haircut distracting and gang-related. Valdes had an elaborate haircut that featured the Miami Heat logo, Miami skyline and 305 area code for Miami shaved into his head. The design was done by his stepfather, who owns a barbershop, for the young boy to wear to a Miami Heat game he attended recently.

Valdes kept the haircut and wore it to school, but he got in trouble for it. The school counselor said they received permission from the stepfather to shave off the boy’s hair so he could return to class. Valdes’ stepfather told NBC Miami that he never gave them permission to do so. He says he told them he would cut the boy’s hair in accordance with their regulations.

Danny Valdes Miami Heat haircut

The school district released a statement concerning the matter.

“While the school counselor followed the wishes of the student and instructions of the student’s stepfather that were provided over the phone in the presence of several witnesses, the district acknowledges the action taken by personnel were not appropriate.”

According to NBC, the boy’s mother is upset with the ordeal and plans to have him switch schools.

Sure, the counselor definitely went overboard by shaving off the hair if they didn’t receive approval from the parents, but I have to admit that haircut was definitely a distraction.

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