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Monday, June 18, 2018

Shirtless man asks out KTLA reporter during wildfire report (Video)

Do you believe the cajones on this cat? Dude without a shirt straight goes up to news reporter while she’s giving live report and asks her out. Unreal.

Well, the guy didn’t exactly ask her out — he just boldly stated how hot she was and then added do you want to go out sometime, but now we’re just talking semantics. I mean how awesome was that?

Courtney Friel guy

And what about him in the mesh hat? And how about him casually cradling his pup in his arm? This guy clearly DGAF. I’m surprised a guy like that has the time much less thought to keep his chest all smoothly shaved.

At this point you have to wonder how Courtney Friel resisted the charm of that hunk of a man.

I didn’t realize how brazen the folks out in Rancho Cucamonga were. No shirt in a wildfire, asking out pretty ladies. I guess that’s just how they do in the IE.

H/T Jay Christensen

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