Stanford fan gets his freak on with a rose (Video)

Stanford fans were pretty stoked after the team beat UCLA 27-24 in the Pac-12 Championship Game to earn a berth in the Rose Bowl, but perhaps nobody was more excited than the fan seen above. This guy made some passionate, sweet love to the rose in his hand, and it was all caught on camera by FOX.

Odds that was this guy’s first kiss – 1:3
Odds he doesn’t get laid til his 30s – even money

Side note: What was Jim Mora thinking when he decided a 52-yard field goal attempt had a higher chance of success than converting a 4th-down play with Brett Hundley at QB? And why didn’t UCLA run the ball on that final drive? Even without any timeouts, they were gaining 8 yards per rush. They could have easily ripped off a few 20 yarders. Sigh.

Video via @cjzero

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  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/535519-nick-p nick price

    That Stanford fan kissing that rose was in the Top 3 

  • Gene

    Hundley, for the first time this season, was very indecisive on the last drive and, when pressured,  meekly scrambled for a few yards instead of throwing the ball away or running with authority.

    To me, the seminal moment was, with UCLA up 24-17 and Stanford facing a 3rd and 15 on the UCLA 26, the Bruins rushed only three men and allowed Hogan the luxury of waiting seemingly forever for a receiver to come open.  Result: TD and momentum swing.  The late great Red Sanders said that he almost never saw a QB complete a pass when he was flat on his back and the Bruin defensive front was outplaying the Stanford offensive line at that point in the game.